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is it fibro fog??
6 Replies
ralph - December 24

don't have forgetfulness at all. am fully competent, however i feel like i am detached from reality almost like i am constatly in a dreamlike state. you know that weird feeling you get when you take alergy medicines etc. does anyone else have this feeling that doesn't really go away. i have had it now for nearly a month. my neurologist isn't concerned at all. told me to go see a psychiatrist. it is a scary feeling though. any help from anyone??


Jean - December 18

Hi Ralph: Please don't get frantic. He told you this because the neurotransmitters are out of sorts and you may need medication to help you out there which is part of
fibromyalgia. A psychiatrist is one who can prescribe this type of medications,antidepressants, and can monitor you as to the effects and can find out whether you are on the right ones or not. Listen to your neurologist, give it a shot. Hugs... Happy Holidays. Lets feel better.


Lori - December 22

Hi Ralph:
Yes I have this also. I describe it as a feeling of floating but I guess it could be compared to a dreamlike state. It is very difficult for me to concentrate especially at meetings at work and I have a hard time driving. I have a prickly sensation over all my face too - I am not sure if this is related or some other thing?? I have had this for about a year now and it has not gone away. My doctor seems to shrug his shoulders when I talk about it so I have stopped talking about it. I dont like being told to see a is a physical condition not a mental least that is what I think. You are right it is a very scary feeling that no one can even understand expect those of us who are experiencing the same thing. Some days it seems worse than others and I am trying to figure out what cause that - is it the weather, food, not enough sleep, too much stress or all of the above. I think the best thing to do it to start recording things to see if there is a trend.


Debbie - December 22

Yes, I too experience this "detached from reality state". I do believe it is one of the most hard to deal with FM symptoms. I have had FM for about 7 years and my Dr. also has nothing to benefit from. I really don't think the medical community really knows quite yet what to do with us. It is a scary feeling, but just try to get through everyday with thoughts of what I've been blessed with, and a positive outlook because FM is not supposed to be deadly. It's hard, hang in there. There seems to be alot of us out there with the same thing. I hope one day we'll have some relief.


Jean - December 23

Hi Ralph: I have also had this what you all are talking about but you have to find the right doctors and the right medications that will work for you to get you out of this state of mind. It takes time to do this and this will continue but it can get controlled. Good communication with your doctors can go a long way. If one doesn't help go to another or just let these doctors work for you. I will again suggest a good GP, who is familiar with this condition, An Endocrinologist who will help you in monitoring your hormones and glandular functions that also gets messed up with this disease and also I will suggest a psychiatrist or therapist who again understands this condition and can also help in medications and possible underlying conditions plus you have someone to talk to who will understand if you get the right one. I know this is hard but you have to work at this to. It is not a one way street. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year.


Liz - December 23

Ralph - I'm newly diagnosed but have had symptoms for years. I have doctored for years with multiple symptoms before an accurate assessment. Ironically, about 8 years ago after I experienced a miscarriage I had a heart to heart with my GP about multiple symptoms. This didn't diagnose me with FM yet; however, based on my feelings about the miscarriage and other feelings of being "out there" he prescribed Zoloft for me. At a follow up visit 3 weeks later I told him that my head had never been clearer. The dx was basically chemical imbalance and the Zoloft (an SSRI - antidepressant) worked for me. Like Jean suggested you really do need to find a GP or even a specialist who will partner with you. I am lucky in that I have a wonderful GP. 1% of his patients are diagnosed with FM...30 or so of his 3,000 patients in his practice. He does not dismiss anything.


Jean - December 24

Ralph, I think you need to listen to your doctor and give into this. I think this is a good step for you because you are showing the signs of anxiety and it is scary. Please go for this help. :)



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