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Is it Fibro??
2 Replies
aubry_m - December 6

Up until 7 months ago I have always been perfectly healthy -thats when my problems began. It started off with an occasional headache then more frequent-now all day everyday. I go to sleep early and don't have a problem falling or staying asleep, so why do I feel so tired when I wake up, as if I hadn't slept a wink. I started gaining weight pretty fast after that.Thats when I started having tingling - numbing sensation in my arms and legs. Not just at night through out the day too. My leg completely went numb and I fell down the stairs -no major injuries. Then started the stomach problems- I can't eat anything without terrible cramps and nausea.I have been to several doctors and they can't seem to find anything wrong with me. I have had 2 MRI and tons of blood work-migraine treatments including epidural shots. I have been on more medicines in the past 6 months then my whole life!! I am 21 years old all tests point to healthy so why am I miserable every day?? My mother has Fibromyalgia and I wonder if I could too.Can someone please give me some feedback? PLEASE!!!!


islandguy - December 7

Hi aubry:
Well a number of things go through my mind when I read your post. You have had this condition for 7 months and have been on more medicines in the last 6 months than in your whole life. That could possibly explain the weight gain. Have you read the side effects of the meds. What meds are you on?........Sleeping is normally a real problem for the fibromyalgia community. I am totally like a roast on a rotisserie when I go to bed. Has you doctor checked you for sleep apnea? Leg numbness is something that my wife deals with with a nerve / back problem. I see they have given you an epidural so obviously you have had some back issues in the past. There appear to be some underlying problems here. What are they giving you meds for if they don't know what it is? Anti-inflammatories can be very hard on the tummy with the cramps etc. Give us more info and see if we can give you some suggestions. .......But on the surface I would think that there is something else here. Going to bed early problem falling asleep or staying asleep.....hmmm.....any depression problems that you are aware of? Sorry I haven't been of much help or soothing in any way but I would look at other things before I had a rhematologist diagnose me with fibro. Best of luck and let us know how you are doing.


wyattsmom - December 7

It sounds like you have fibro. Can you talk to your DR about it and tell him/her your mom has it? You sound like a classic case of fibro. Im sorry! Get the proper meds to help you and hopefully it won't be so bad. GOod luck to you, please let us nkow what happens!



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