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Is it all in my head?
5 Replies
kaliebird - September 22

Hi, I'm knew here and hoping you all can help figure out what to do next.

I am in my 40's and obese. Obese all my life so I realize that some of my knee and ankle problems could be due to my weight. 9 years ago I started having panic attacks and ongoing acid reflux. Around this time I also started experiencing pain in the joints of my fingers, especially when I wake up in the morning. I have always suffered from severe cramps during my menstrual cycle. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 2 years ago. I am very depressed in the winter months and always tired. This year things have been much worse. I started having shortness of breath and chest pains that would start in the center of my chest and radiate into my shoulders, up my neck, and my ears start to hurt like pressure build up. The doctor has ran blood tests, checked my lungs and extensively tested my heart. All tests turned out normal. Had a colonoscopy and ended up having an unexplained low grade temp and nausea for 3 days after. Took me a week to finally get back to normal. In the past I have also had times where my wrist on one side would hurt when I move it and be stiff. It would last maybe 3 months then my other wrist would bother me, then maybe my shoulder then the other shoulder and so forth. This year the pain in my finger joints is more often then not through out the day and my elbows ache through the night. The last time I went to the doctor she basically shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't think we would ever figure out what was causing the chest pains and said she thought it was basically in my head and caused by anxiety. I have other symptoms of FM, but at this point I just don't know what to think or where to go. I'm so tired of seeing doctor after doctor and none can find out what the cause is and I'm starting to feel like I'm losing it.



ibritz - September 22

I would go see a rheumatolgist. I don't know of any who don't believe in FM, but check when you make the appointment to see if the doctor treats FM patients.


Fantod - September 22

Kaylie - Call your local hospital physician referral service and see if they can recommend a fibro-friendly doctor in rheumotology. If not, go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask them for a referral in your area. A rheumotologist would be the professional who will determine if you have FMS. There are several other things (thyroid among others) that mimic fibromyalgia. Has anyone ever spoken to you about SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder affects a lot of people when the weather gets cold. Because increased sunlight improves symptoms, light therapy is often a main treatment for many people with seasonal affective disorder. There are also medications recommended for it. You would need to consult your doctor or mental health provider to make which treatment might be right for you. You are not losing it, you just need to get to the right professional for a through assessment of both the pain and depression which affects you in the winter months. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


Anne Hillebrand - September 24

All free web site FibroFix has the info you need.

Sounds like you've had this most of your life. Weight can be caused by it, especially the Overly Acidic version of FMS.

When you get things lined up, you will find it is not hard to keep the weight you want.

Don't give up, kiddo. We're all in this boat together.


Shau Marie - September 25

The pain in your chest that you describe is what I feel. I have been in the diagnosis process for over four years now. I had my heart checked and every test you can imagine for diseases, internal causes. Nothing!! I feel what you are going through and yes there are docs who don't believe this is a real condition. You have recieved some good advice here and I would just further add, hang in there and fight. It is better to know what your dealing with. Keep searching for a good doc. and try to get someone to prescribe something for the joint pain like gabapentin. I have not been diagnosed, but my Neurologist gave me a low dose to see how I would do. It has helped some, but there are trade offs, like with any medication. Of course losing weight would help, I have heard that for many years and I used to weight 115 lbs. How do you lose weight when you hurt EVERYWHERE. Pain Sucks!! Stay strong and best of luck to you.


trans - September 26

I think this site is great it is so comprehensive and really does a great job at telling us the symptoms. All of the items you brought is part of fibro, my latest thing I experienced was itching all over without a rash and turns out it is FIBRO. It is relentless. I try to manage this monster as best I can but there always seems to be a new symptom. I also have sleep apnea and use a CPAP, that did help a bit. Support is huge I live in Wisconsin and I chat with a fibro friend in Canada to help each other. Only fibro people understand, it is a very lonely and relentless syndrome and I try to keep researching to improve my quality of life, it sucks most of the time but it could be worse. People battling cancer, etc. have it way worse but the fact that this is invisible is really hard to handle, we look fine. You talked about the obese issue, I am also obese and last winter my right hip hurt 24/7 and when we went to Florida for 10 days, I felt like a different person. The weather is huge, if I afford to retire and move to Florida, at least there would be times of feeling like a normal person. Fibro has many common symptoms as MS and Wisconsin has an usually high rate of MS. Good luck to you kalliebird, it is not in your head at all!!!!!!!!!!!!



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