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Is Heat making you sick
23 Replies
axxie - May 24

The temperature are soaring, and cannot tolerate the sun. For someone who comes from Texas, this the sign that there's something wrong. The temperature is soaring and for the first time, I cannot tolerate any sun, I get sick. Any of you have the same problem, or is this just me.


Noca - May 25

I just find it hard to sleep in the heat. I don't think it bothers my pain as much as the cold does. Though I'm just always in pain so I can't really tell the difference.


Fantod - May 25

axxie - I'm completely heat intolerant. Anything over 75 degrees and I go absolutely ballistic in short order. It makes me very anxious, irritable, exhausted, and achey. The air must be set so icicles are forming on the furniture or I'm miserable. We are set to have a very hot week here and I am already feeling the effects. Take care.


dannape - May 25

I have issues with heat also..i was in florida with my family a few years ago, and we were shopping at an outside market, and it was like 90+ and i started getting lightheaded and thought i was gonna throw up, we had to go sit down and put cold packs on me.

When it gets too hot,if i'm out in in, i get nauseous, also, i'm menopausal, so my hot flashes get so intense sometimes that i feel nauseous. i carry a little portable hand fan, that i get out when i have a hot flash, or going to be where it's extremely hot.


toots2889 - May 25

Hey girl! The heat is doing the same thing to me. I feel sick if im out there and like Fantod it totally drives me crazy.I to get irratable,tired, and hurt all over.


bmcgovern - May 25

I like the heat. It helps me not be in so much pain. The cold kills me. Yesterday it snowed. I live in Utah. The warmest were suppose to get this week is 73 degrees. It's been in the 60s. Come visit lol. When it does get way to hot i usually don't really go outside and if i do i go swimming.


Canada17 - May 25

Heat makes me irritable, gives me headaches, makes me feel sick to my stomach, exhausted, achy...the whole works...but, so does the cold.

If the temperature stays between 18 & 23 Celsius, I am perfect! But, today it's almost 40 with the humidex!!! ugh!!! Thank God the office has A/C, but I don't have it at home...might sleep in my car! lol Luckily it's not THAT hot at night yet, but it will be soon : (


susanandpaul - May 25

Canada17, I feel the same as you. If its too hot,I'm restless and can#t sleep, and if its too cold I cant do anything except wrap myself up in my duvet and try to keep warm. Strangely, we just had a really beautiful 3 days in the UK and I didn't have one symptom. Today, its gone really cold again and I feel awful. I am so looking forward to my holiday in 5 weeks long as the temperature doesn't get above 25 Celsius!
Take care all.


axxie - May 25

It's soaring outside, above 40C and I'm irritable I guess I can't tolerate the heat and I can't tolerate the cold. Give me something in between and I'm happy.


mimosette - May 30

It's humidity that gets me. And I live in Alabama.......


solanadelfina - May 30

Yes, I've definitely been feeling it. It's been tricky sleeping at night, and I've been getting a lot of nausea lately and have been sapped of energy. (It seems like MN weather is always too cold/too hot and humid. :) But I took off a few days for an event that didn't work out, and we have sugar-free ice cream and yogurt to make shakes and smoothies. :)


onthisrock - May 31

Hi axxie, You are not alone!! Any weather change in general affects my body, with the extremes being to onset of aand during stormy rainy or hot & humid. Like Fantod, our air is on already, thankfully I have an understanding hubby. I just found this site so am looking forward to researching options to try for some relief. What I have learned is that you have to be your own advocate when it come to this illness and you should never stop looking for little ways to help endure and lessen the pain.


whitehouse43110 - May 31

I just joined this discussion group but have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years and never have been able to find an understanding medical professional to help me. I am also diabetic and I would like to find a physician in central Ohio who can help treat me for both problems. Anyone have a suggestion for me? BTW, I was outside (in the shade) most of the day yesterday in this crappy heat (87 degrees and 80% humidity) and today I am a MESS. Ache all over, chilled to the bone in the air conditioning. This condition is miserable!


kentucky girl - May 31

Welcome Whitehouse43110!!

I think you will find some very understanding people here that can give you support and information.

I went to Cleveland Clinic last year because I had been previously diagnosed with fibromyalgia by the family physician and then asked to be reffered to a rheumatologist. Both those doctors said the same thing, that I had fibromyalgia. But last summer I had such a bad flare, I was sure that the doctors had got it wrong. I thought there must be something else wrong with me. I was in such pain and the fatigue was so bad that a lot of days, I couldn't even get a shower. The doctor at Cleveland Clinic was a rheumatologist. She spent about 3 hours with me. She did a thorough physical, and gave me several evaluations as to my state of mind (depression) and a complete family history. At the end of the exam, she said that I had fibromyalgia. She didn't suggest any treatment, but would have if I became a regular patient. Since Cleveland is 5-1/2 hours away, I didn't feel that I could travel that distance. I think any rheumatologist would be the appropriate doctor. Do you live near a larger city that would have specialists? A good primary care physician could be just as good as a rheumatologist. In fact, after trying the rheumie
for a while, I returned to my primary care dr. He is so willing to try new things.

You have to be your own advocate. And find a doctor with whom you are comfortable and who is willing to work with you to find the best possible treatments.

Sorry to ramble on so.

Again, welcome. I think you will find a lot of support and education on this site.

Kentucky girl


STAYLOR875 - June 1

I am from Texas as well and the heat is really getting to me and Summer isn't here yet. I sweat so bad now and I never used to and it makes me sick to my stomach. Hopefully Summer won't be so bad but they are calling for the 100's this weekend so I doubt it.


canadacalling - June 1

I find that the warmer weather as well as the cold does weird things to me. I cannot stand the heat, but often forget and go out without a hat at the peak of the heat.

Up here is Canada, it is HOT for the last week and I am either complaining it is too hot or too cold. Go figure.


whitehouse43110 - June 1

I made an appointment with a new family physician this morning. I have been looking around for someone who could treat EVERYTHING wrong with me. This new doc specializes in treating FMS and diabetes, so I HOPE I like him. My first visit will be on 6/17, so I have a couple of weeks before I see him. In the meantime, I plan to stay OUT of the heat if I can. I was just miserable over the weekend. I also got a nasty bug bite on my arm that has swollen up, so maybe whatever bit me caused some of my problem. Who knows? With FMS, it seems like little things that don't bother other people just make my life a living hell.....



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