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Is FMS taken seriously by the medical profession??
3 Replies
AALE - September 5

I suspect that I may have FMS and following lengthy visits to GP and finally a visit to a neurologist i am still not diagnosed as having anything. i discovered FMS on FridaY and haven't had the chance to speak to my GP yet so i spoke with a friend who is an osteopath and she practically laughed me out the door as she believes that FMS is a made up diagnosis for a range of symptoms that don't really amount to anything. I am quite annoyed and upset because i finally thought I had an explaination for feeling so shit but now I'm not sure if it is worth pursuing a diagnosis if this is going to be the general reaction amongst doctors. What has been your experience with getting a diagnosis and is FMS taken seriously amongst insurers and social security??


AALE - September 4

Forgot to mention that I am in the one of the most remote areas of scotland so I don't exactly have a wide choice of doctors to choose from. In fact i don't have any doctors to choose from!!


Ann - September 4


I too had a similar encounter where a doctor practically suggested that FMS was a catch all diagnosis and he made me feel as though no-one believed me and that I was just given this diagnosis to shut me up. I ended up getting very depressed and finally saw a psychologist who let me read her books on FMS...believe me it is real!! Dont give up on the diagnosis. I had about 6 years believing i had everything from cancer to brain tumors before I was diagnosed. If nothing else at least it has given me power to find out more for my self and like many people I get a lot of info from this website. Generally I dont think doctors in the UK are as clued up on Fibro as they seem to be in the USA (judging from what I have read on this site) Good luck with eveything.


[email protected] - September 5

It is real. If you can find a Rheumatologist they diagnose this condition. It is true that some doctors use this diagnosis for catch all and that is just wrong. That is why it is so hard for people like you and me who have this condition are not treated right at first. You may end up seeing 10 or more doctors just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Go to the Fibromyalgia Network on the web and this too may enlighten you. Also this condition mimics other conditions so again it is very hard to diagnose. You will have to rule out conditions before you are given what is wrong with you. It is a long process and make sure you have a doctor who communicates well with you. I was diagnosed 4 years ago. Get all the material you need to educate yourself on it and for your friends and family also because they are your support group. You will need them to understand. Go through the steps and let me know how you are doing.



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