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Is fibromyalgia inherited or genetic?
3 Replies
Noca - April 3

Is fibromyalgia inherited or genetic?


axxie - April 4

Fibromyalgia occurs in all ages, ethnic groups, and cultures. Its gender distribution is nearly equal in childhood, but in adults it is more prevalent in females. Is fibromyalgia genetic? Even though no fibromyalgia genetic markers have been found, there are studies documenting high prevalence of the syndrome among certain families. There are many theories as to the cause of this syndrome. Trauma, infection and stress are three of the most common etiologies.


Duo - April 4

I am sure it is - my mum had a very rare brain condition linked to the central nervous system, my siser has multi-system ataxia, linked to the central nervous system and my other sister has M.S. also linked to central nervous system. Two of my Aunts had fibro symptoms and other probs. linked to fibro - my consultant has only now, after years of family history paper chase, accepted that there is a "faulty gene" causing problems with the central nervous system in our family. Of course this is not thought to be the only possible cause - as axxie has said, it could be due to trauma etc. I do hope one day we will all get the answers we are looking for and the recognition we deserve. Regards


powderblue - April 13

I think it is likely to be a combination of genetic and factors like stress, illness and physical trauma. Apparently it is more common in women who have been sexually abused. There is definitely a link in my family. My grandmother apparently got fibrostitis (what it used to be called). My mother apparently had a small bought of fibrostitis at 21 and then at 39 developed ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) after a virus. I was diagnosed at 24 with fibromyalgia. I had a stressful job and orginally was diagnosed with occupational overuse which either triggered or developed into FMS. There were some good posts on the topic "what is your theory about fibromyalgia" made between Jan 6th and April 10th 2009 which you might consider reading. I have a newspaper article on work done by Jonathan Kerr from in London on ME. "They have identified 88 genes which are expressed differently in the blood of patients who have been diagnosed with ME. In studying the records of 55 ME patients they found that they could divide them into seven sub-types that considietntly pair distinct genetic patterns with different combinations and severity levels of symptoms". Some of the symptoms for ME and Fibromyalgia overlap so I would be interested if they have done similar research on fibromyalgia patients to identify fibromyalgia genes. Anyone that has any other research they have found I would be interested in hearing your comments.



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