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is fibro same symptoms as ms?
7 Replies
summer1 - March 19

Hi all,i was in a car crash 3 years ago and really damaged my neck,shoulder and spine to which i have had operations for.To cut a long story short i started to get pins and needles in my hands and feet followed my extreme pain all over body in muscles and joints,sickness,ibs and extreme fatigue.My gp said i had ms symptoms 2 years ago but i have had 2 clear brain scans and recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.Has anyone else had sm type symptoms or been through the same experience please?thankyou


brite21 - March 19

OMG! I was wondering the same thing. From what I can tell, the symptoms are very similar. I have an appt with a neurologist so I can find out exactly what I have.


summer1 - March 19

Me to brite21,i have been 2 see 2 neurologists and had 2 brain scans as my gp thought i had ms,but the neurologist said i didnt and i prob had fibromyalgia as a result from the injuries in the car accident,Let me know how to get on hun.x


cwatson - March 20

I get pins/needles in hands and feet and my feet cramp up. I am in a good stage right now. I started taking a prescription (vit B and folic acid). This really helped w/ pins/needles. This all started in November, so about 4 months ago. I have had a clear brain scan as well. The pains were through out my arms, hands and legs (shins/calves/knee caps). Now mainly in feet (cramping) and off and on in calves/shins. I was very stressed out w/ a big move but I can't imagine that brought all this on. I have ulcerative c. but very mild. I have not been diagnosed w/ fm. My rheum. told me I had a virus! What ever! If you hear anything else to be tested for, let me know. Also, I take magnessium supplements (good for muscles) and calcium suppl. which helps. Other than that I have always been healthy. I am only 32!!!!
Good luck!


Gryph - March 20


My wife experiences the same symptoms and we are scared as hell that is might be MS. She has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but we aren't convinced that is it though. She has had numerous brain scans, spinal taps and trips to the ER. Everytime we're told that it is all in her head or it is some virus. People think we have great health care up here in Canada but just because it is perceived as free (we do pay indirectly...some quite a lot) doesn't mean it is great. The doctors are very complacient where I live and we are very concerned they are missing something. It was so bad there last spring that I though she was having a heart attack and stroke at the same time...she couldn't talk, she was numb in her face and the left side of her body, had extremely bad chest pain. She still gets the chest pain often and it is so bad sometimes that she can't sleep. I wish someone can tell me that symptoms for Fibro and MS are similar.


Amyloo - March 20

My name is Amy and I have both fibromyagia and MS. They are similar as far as symptoms. I urge all of you to research Multiple Sclerosis, and get a hold of your MRI reports and read them yourself if possible. Lesions can also show up in the spine; C spine and T spine. Get to a Neurologist that treats MS patients; not all neuros are created equal. Any questions let me know. God bless you, Amy


Gabbie - March 21

I was diagnosed (after lots of testing) with fibro 2 years ago. My mother and also a cousin (by marriage) have MS. Many of the symptoms are very similar. If you go to the upper left corner and type in "ms and fibro" it will bring you to several links, including back to this one where you can read about the two. I am certain once those of you who are questioning the ms vs fibro read the information you will feel better about your doctor's diagnosis.


Gabbie - March 21

I just realized that I forgot to tell you to type the "ms and fibro" in the "search bar" in the upper left corner of this forum. Sorry, must be the fibro fog......eesch!



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