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Is Burning from Fibromyalgia?
7 Replies
NealJ - April 21

Several years ago, after prolonged periods of working on the computer night and day, I started having a very stiff and painful neck, and especially a burning sensation that would sometimes radiate up on my cheeks. My skin would not feel hot to the touch, nor would I be flushed, but inside I felt like I was burning up. My family doctor sent me to a neurologist who interviewed me but did NO tests, and said I needed to get a better desk chair!

One doctor friend thought I had myofascial syndrome, and recommended some stretching exercises, which help somewhat.

However, the problem frequently recurs, and over the months (especially lately) I have had a burning sensation in my lower back, buttocks, and even all across my abdomen! In fact, I feel "hot" right now even sitting here typing this.

It really is a burning and it's hard to ignore. It's also hard to believe so many parts of the body could have a burning sensation. What is the solution and could this be Fibromyalgia? Anyone else have this?


Debbie - January 24

Hi my name is Debbie, I get that burning sensation through my body when I'm rundown.
It feels so weird. It's very uncomfortabe and yes I think it's the fibromyalgia.


Chris - January 25

Hello... yes, that is common in my case. I also have a positive ANA though (lupus), and once I start feeling that sensation (the burning feeling in the cheeks)I tend to look in the mirror. Usually I'll notice a reddish color around my upper cheek bones and a little swelling with pinkish color on my eyelids. This plus the burning is usually related to how much I have pushed myself and exhausted myself. Like Debbie said, when "I'm rundown".

The best relief tactic for this is SLEEP! Your body is just totally exhausted and you're most likely starting a fibromyalia flare. If you're getting it down your back and such, most likely you're in a full blown flare. In that case, if you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, call your doctor and get a prescription for something like Ultram. This will help ALOT. Also, get some extra rest. There's no specific treatment that always works but there are a few ways to prevent a full blown flare. Try spacing out your activities and rest frequently. A good solid nights sleep is a great way to help prevent a flare. If you don't already have one, you should get a referral to see a Rheumatologist. He/She can help to keep the tiger away.

Hope this helps.


Donna - February 3

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I also get the BURNING throughout my whole body, from head to toe, including arms and hands. I take oxycodone which works wonders for me. I don't know what I would do without it. Ultracet helps somewhat but not in a flare up. I also take soma, a muscle relaxant. My life has changed completely since having this horrible syndrome. Manipulation helps too and lots of massages from my husband. Hope your feeling better soon.


ara - April 12

Hi, I get the burning on my the left side of my back under the shoulder blade. The burning is present most always and is accompanied with itching. The burning gets really bad sometimes so I can't scratch. However, even when I do scratch neither go away. Donna mentioned oxycodone works well for her. What is it? Do I need a prescription?


PJ - April 21

Hi ... your burning symptoms are so familiar! "Hot spots" travel around my body from place to place, often accompanied by itching. This happens most noticeably when I am under stress, tired, exposed to the sun, or overly warm. Another annoying symptom is that from time to time I get an extremely, extremely sore random spot on my body. The outside of my knees was the last location. And after many days of real pain, the area goes numb. I have a number of areas (outside of my upper arm, the outer sides of both knees, the back of one heel, the inside of one wrist ... completely numb! My husband and I both laugh and say that perhaps eventually I will go completely numb all over and then TA DA no more fibro pain! :)Fibro ... what a drag. I was diagnosed in 1988 and have really had no consistent improvement in all these years after trying many medications, exercises, biofeedback, etc. Darn. I have learned to live with fibro, but it definitely affects my mood because it no fun trying to function with what amounts to a dandy and constant case of the flu. Generally I can overcome the symptoms with sheer mental determination, but sometimes when I am under extreme stress ... Get Out of the Way! A Veteran Fibro Sufferer/Overcomer


ellkell - January 19

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in California in the late 1980's. I'm 50 years old now, and I don't think I have the syndrome because I only have a couple of symptoms. But, about eight years ago, I started having a burning pain sensation whenever I sat. I've had every test and every specialist, but the problem was not diagnosed. The only relief I get is from sitting on soft gel ice paks (ColPacs). I can't take anti-inflammatories due to reflux. I can't take antidepressents or muscle relaxers either for other reasons. The past few months, the pain has lessened, but I still have to sit on ice. Since then, I've been having the same sensation between my should blades. I'm using ColPacs for that too.


Gabbie - January 19

Hi. I have fibro and have the burning pretty much throughout my entire body especially when I'm overtired and have pushed a little too much to do things. It's actually a burning/tingling feeling and I find that when I keep myself busy and thinking about other things, I don't notice it as much.



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