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Irritable Bowel Solutions
5 Replies
JJ1 - January 23

My IBS has been non-existent since I started on Elavil 5 or 6 years ago. The deep sleep seemed to do the trick. That is until now. It is back with a vengenance. I am under a lot of stress -- returned to work full time in Sept. after 9 yrs of part time, three teen daughters, financial worries due to current economy, etc. -- I suspect that has caused this return. I am thinking of increasing my Elavil intake (I have been getting by with one 25 mg tablet a night, but my prescription allows up to 75 mg) but before going that route, wondering if anyone has any successful remedies for IBS. (I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy less than a year ago and my "plumbing" was just fine).


Gabbie - January 23

When the IBS kicks in for me it's usually because I'm under more stress than usual. My doctor prescribed Librax for me which stops the stomach spasms and cramping which in turn helps to stop the "running"


JJ1 - January 23

Thanks for the response. I have never heard of Librax, but I just looked it up and I see why I haven't been given it. The literature on the drug says to not take it if you have a hiatal hernia or gastric reflux disease, which I have. I am sure this bout is stress related. thanks again.


Gabbie - January 24

JJ1. I also have a small hiatal hernia and have some problems with reflux from time to time. I have used the librax when I really have a problem and find that it helps fairly quickly. My doctor is aware that I have these problems and I'm thinking that because I don't have problems constantly, and I don't over-use the librax, my doctor feels it's safe for me to take it. Maybe you could ask your doctor about it and see what his/her opinion is. It's worth a try because it really does help after just a few pills.


skidoo - January 24

JJ1, It sounds as though stress is causing your IBS flare up. That can be hard to control, but do what you can to de-stress your life and get plenty of exercise. Even if food is not causing your problems, it can aggravate the condition. While you are feeling this way, try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods and fried foods.


JJ1 - January 25

Thanks all! I may look into serotonin also, mentioned in the fibro is beatable thread.



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