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11 Replies
bmcgovern - January 21

I get very irritated very easily and i don't know why. I have had mood problems for a long time,but i am not depressed i just get irritated so fast over little things and am wondering if anyone else gets this way? Could this be a problem because most people with FMS don't sleep very well and that were always in pain?


Fantod - January 21

You are not alone with that problem. Most days I can barely handle what I have to do never mind remember or manage things for other people. It takes a lot of effort and force of will to take care of my own business. I am, however, having a salivary hormone test done to check for inbalances. Irritability can be one of the symptoms. Its a simple test that requires spitting into an assortment of tubes throughout the day. I'll be interested to see the test results. Take care.


axxie - January 21

Yep, one of the many perks of fibro. You should ask my daughter how I feel most days, very moody. I can't seem to be able to drive in traffic, that is way too much for me. Too much noise, traffic and lights, will set me off. When I finish my day at work, and come home, I'm like this speed demon, can't wait to go home. I drive like a maniac, I've run through red lights, not make my stops, drive 100 in a 60 zone, you name it I have had done those infraction. Now I let my daughter drive or husband drive. I'm in my 50's and I drive like I was a crazzy driver, never was like this, don't want tickets, so now I have decided to let others drive. If I asbolutely drive, I must be well rested, otherwise I drive like a demon.

I guess I'm not cut off to driving. Not cut off to answer the phone, not set up either to work....


solanadelfina - January 22

Yes, I get what I call 'black moods'. They're very bad to have when working in retail, when I just want to get the job done and not answer the phone and have customers leave me alone. (Especially when my feet are hurting or I'm light-headed and I have to show them something on the other side of the store. I've been deservedly reprimanded for this and have been working on it.)

My tramadol helps with this if I'm taking another for the pain, or I'll take a little ten minute breather. I'll go in the breakroom, grab my ipod, and lie down and listen to something pretty for about ten minutes. If I'm at the register and can't leave my post, then I'll come up with a distraction. I'll try to plan a scene in one of my stories, (and get the best ideas on the worst days) or will see if my coworkers want to play the initials game or the Globe Trekker game. Anything to break that cycle.

If it's a really painful day, especially with something like the weather, I'll try to do little things to cheer myself up. Hot bath with salts and a good book, a mug of yummy warm tea, one of my favorite outfits, watch something funny.


bmcgovern - January 22

Thanks for your post. :)
I just get so irritated over everything. I am doing yoga to help with my moods. I get very angry when i drive i don't have any patience on the road because to many people don't know how to drive right. I try to put a good song on and sing along with it to help calm me. I do enjoy reading and i will do that, but i get very snappy not all the time but a bit and i hate it especially when i get that way to my husband. I have even gotten that way with my grandma but she is wonderful so understanding and doesn't take it personally and my husband will actually tell me i am being snappy and i think about it and i calm down i just hate being so moody all the time i use to be so nice and happy all the time. I am glad i am not the only one who suffers from this it's nice knowing there are other people who are like this to. I try my best to calm down as best as i can and i always apologize to people if i am snappy. Well thanks for listening to me ramble on.


axxie - January 23

I'm happy I'm not the only one. What a relief, I found listening to classical will get me to slow down. My husband knows when I'm in pain, it's written all over my face. So I go to the bathroom and splash cool water over my face it's helps. I wear medium support hose to the knees that helps with the pain. I religiously take my vitamins and try to do some stretching at home while watching tv. It has helped strenthend my legs and feel less tired.

I also play games just to keep my mind off the pain and work. While driving I will try to count the red cars just to keep my mind from going in the wrong direction. I always park where I can get out fast and if I have to go shopping I go when it's less hectic. I make myself be nice to people, it helps, like saying thank you and welcome. It's just a game to keep me sane.


Noca - January 23

I mainly get angry at my parents and angry at people who can't drive.


Canada17 - January 23

When I went to see a naturopath, there were all these "life" questions that I had to answer. How does this make you feel, how does that make you feel. I wrote, "Irritated" a lot!

My hormones play a huge role in just how irritated I feel. And, it is the first sign of PMS for me. I know the amount of pain I am in just makes me more irritable and the lack of proper sleep amplifies this symptoms even more.

Yet another Fibro "perk"! : )


axxie - January 25

Yep today is not a good day for me, actually the the whole week-end has not been good to me. Back killing me. Pain killers not working, trying not to do much ain't working, excersing not working, just overall in pain and hating everything about it.

Very irritated, been on antibiotic for sinus and nothing is helping me right now.

Actually, this site is bothering me, all these adds, from travelocity, flat stomach, why do they play with this site so much. It was nice when we din't have any of this garbage ..... this site sucks big time..... do you think they will clean it up......


bmcgovern - February 17

I have been so irritable lately and it is bugging me so much everything sets me off. I keep getting bugged and snappy and i don't know what to do to help with this irritability. Does anyone know of anything that can help you not get this way?


iliveinpain - February 17

Wish I knew, wish I could help. I'm ready to flip out too. I know for me it's the constant stupid things at work, dealing with people here, dealing with idiots on the road, and dealing with my obnoxious family. what can ya do about it? Nothing, it's life I guess. It's only made worse when you never ever feel good and are always exhausted. I really think that's why we're not able to deal with it. It's hard to be happy when you're in pain all of the time and no one understands.


Canada17 - February 17

Here is an interesting theory I came up with:

I was reading on another thread about a woman who suffers terrible dizziness and always before an earthquake, no matter how minor.

I did a little research on that fact and found that our sleep is regulated by the vibration of the Earth.

Being a Fibromite means we are VERY sensitive, to EVERYTHING! (Whether that is cause or effect of our FM) has yet to be proven.

Researchers have found the Earth is vibrating at a high frequency than in the past which could be cause for our inability to get proper sleep (the sensitive thing).

Still with me? Ok...

From there I surmised that the our sensitivity coupled with the increase in the Earth's vibration could very well be leading to not only our lack of proper sleep, which on it's own causes irritability, but may make us feel all wound up because the world is going quicker than our bodies can compute.

Am I approaching Trecky status or what?? lol



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