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Into hospital tomorrow.
10 Replies
fibromite.u.k. - December 1

Hi to all my friends here. I am going into hospital tomorrow to have a lump removed from my finger and have a biopsy on it. I don't think it is anything to do with fibromyalgia, but just wanted you to know. My hand will be bound up (and typically it is my right hand, I use it most) for about 10 days so I doubt I will be able to write anything on here. However, I will continue to read it all and would be really glad of a few best wishes. I feel a bit fed-up with it all, and as well as that, I have an awful cold, but they said the op must still go ahead. What with that and the terrible snowy weather we are having in England, it is a drag. Best wishes to all.


Fantod - December 2

Good luck tomorrow and I am wishing you a very speedy recovery!


Taffythepit - December 2

We will miss you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Sending positive energy your way!

Best Wishes


Noca - December 2

Best of luck! Get well soon :)


axxie - December 2

fibromite.u.k good luck to you my dear, you will have great fun, reading the posts.


kvc33 - December 2

I hope this surgery will improve your quality of life my dear. Thanks for letting us know. We'll be thinking of you.


Stacey373 - December 2

I hope it all goes well and your finger heals quickly! We will all be thinking about you :o)


jrzgirl1 - December 3

I wish you well, I am having surgery on the 16th(Dec) a d&c, I am so tired of dr's that i will only go if i really need to, after the surgery, i plan on trying to get away by myself, if the airlines still have open tickets, then i will get one and come home when i am good and ready, my husband is determined to buy another car(used) why, we don't have the money and my daughter is pi&&ing me off, she wants a divorce, we lent her the money for a retainer, she was so upset yesterday, crying and cursing out her husband, then she goes out to lunch with the B*stard, i have had it, all this stress and pain for waht.sorry about rambling on but there really is a "last straw'


LissB - December 3

Good luck tomorrow :)!!! Im'm sure you will be fine, but rest up and do what the doc says ;-)


Auvonto - December 3

good luck to you hope all goes well and stay as warm as you can.


Fantod - December 3

I hope that your surgery went well and that you are resting comfortably.



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