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Intense foot and leg pain!!!!
2 Replies
ptalana - August 10

Hi all,
For the past several weeks I have been experiencing pain that starts with the arch of my foot and moves up the inner part of my leg, feels like a bad bruise. Does anyone else experience this?
I have found a cream that seems to calm the pain, and leaves them feeling refreshed it's Gehwohl leg balm. It's very cooling and very nicely scented, an added bonus!!!
Take care all, Patty


mediagigs - August 11

My feet pain in usually the bottoms of my feet, especially in the area where my toes connect to the lil fatty pad..not the ball but higher than that. It will suddenly hurt so badly, I can only walk with intense pain and when my hubby rubs them, they are too sensitive to touch so he can't even maggage them. My ankles see to also be under attack, especially right ankle. My hands...dont know what is up w/them. My right one goes tingly numb and hurts and I drop things alot. Sometime my left one does but rarely. I feel like I am getting blinder by the day. I try to 'hide' my mental fog and inability to remember things. I work in a very youth oriented industry (TV) and I aged out years ago but still have been one of the lucky ones who just keeps working our bodies into major flares and then still figure the show must go on. I think of all the pills I take (and I have NO insurance) that my Ambien CR is the worst. It is so expensive and I get total
amnesia from it and it makes me hungry but oh man, it does help me sleep so good.Lunesta made me nauseaus all the time and none of the others even remotely made me sleepy. I don't take the hydrocodone unless I just have to. i take something like 'panoroxtine"for depression b/c the muscle relaxers put me in a major funk. I also take xanax as needed which is at night time for sure and some days I am fine w/o it and other days, I become very compulsive and obcessive and/or panic attack that I can't talk myself out of. I try to avoide the hydrocodones for pain but I have it here if I mst. I am also taking the Lyrica 159 two times a day and started twice a has put a lot of weight on me which is bad. My joints don't need to bare more weight. What's a girl to do. I know I am basically taking a cocktail that will atleast stop the pain for a few hours and get me some sleep...there seems to be no transending this disease! Katie Dunn


JOEGIRL - August 11

I have started having leg pain just recently myself. Its like a muscle aches in top part of my legs. Like I need new pain. Got enough to deal with. O well, guess life goes on and we just have to do what we have to do. I keep working and going and going but slower and slower. Are you guys getting slower to or is it just me? Sometimes I feel like I have aged 10 years in the past 3 years that all this fibro started. Goodluck everyone.



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