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Intense Dreams
4 Replies
mustangsh - October 12

I have been dreaming for years and because they are usually scary or just distrubing when I do wake up the FMS seems to be worse on these days.I
feel this is because I have been tensed up most the night. Anyone have any advise how to stop the stressful dreams.


brooksidefarm - October 12

Hi mustangsh! Are you a Christian? Sometimes when we do not feel well or are facing difficulties this is a weakness that is turned against us at night. Poor sleep certainly makes symptoms worse, and also makes it nearly impossible to minister to others the next day. Some things that might help: Pray at bedtime for protection of dreams and gentle waking. Read Scripture or something comforting of fun. I love Jane Austen and Shakespeare's Sonnets. Write the days blessings in a journal to make you smile. Do not eat within an hour of lying down - this disrupts sleeps and can bring on upsetting dreams. Drink something warm so that you are relaxed. Are you on any meds that can cause this or taking a sleep aid? There can be side effects like this. No matter what pray. If you need guidance in this, I can help. God bless.


mustangsh - October 12

Yes I am a Christian!! I end my night with a prayer but you are right I should be more specific
and should pray for "protection of dreams" and reading a Bible verse or two would be a good idea also.I am not on any meds so far but FMS symptoms seem to be getting worse. Thanks for you encourageing words and God Bless you also.


axxie - October 12

something is disturbing you, that is usually why you have these stressful dreams. Let say you are scared of finding yourself homeless with no job. You might dream of you and your children sitting at a small table with only a candle and dark around you.

It must all be from the stress you are living around you.


Kristina17 - October 13

Thank you so much brookesidefarm for your thoughtful and refreshing words!! I too have been having many disturbing dreams and I do know that most of the time when I have these it has been because of extreme stress and psychological injury with my job as a teacher. I too am a Christian and am not always as good as I should be at praying before bedtime and reading the scriptures as I want to be and should be. Please pray for me in this. I am so appreciative of your thoughts, thank you. Take care all.



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