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Insurance and PRE-exisiting...
8 Replies
Anna Lynne - August 30

I'm wondering if insurance companies try to use the "pre-existing" loophole with this disorder? I have a friend that has no health insurance and I'm almost sure that she will be diagnosed with FM. She refuses to go until her plan "goes into effect" for a full year because she is afraid of insurance kick back denial. She needs help NOW... any suggestions?


Anson - August 20

I wonder the same thing.... it seems the government and insurance companies have us over the barrell when it comes to healthcare in general. Maybe someone can help answer this question. I'd like to know the answer too. Blessings to you.


Death and Taxes and... - August 20

INSURANCE.... three things we know for SURE we will experience the sting of.


Laura - August 26

I recieved a letter yesterday from an insurance company saying they regret that they are unable to offer enrollment for thier health insurance based on " History of or current fibromyalgia."


Death and Taxes - August 26

I'm sorry to hear that Laura.... and I think it should be illegal for them to turn people down. Hell, they make money BECAUSE people are sick...the least they can do is offer equal protection and coverage. I could get really fired up over this subject, so I'll back off for now. Hopefully you can get some sort of government assitance since insurace won't cover you. I have no insurance or government assistance at all right now. It's a very scary place to find one's self. Blessings to you sweety.


Joni - August 26

If you don't have insurance and don't qualify for title 19,medicare or medicaid, I would suggest going to a mental health clinic (they can treat fibomyalgia)and applying for assistance through your county (they can help you with paperwork). That way you can get support through a Dr. there, medications & counseling on a sliding pay scale according to your income. Also, many pharmaceutical companies have patient assistant programs to help get medications at no cost or your Dr. can provide you with free samples & coupons for meds.


Angry - August 26

I agree with you all. I don't know how feasible this would be, but, I think the way to handle this is in court. Many who suffer from fibromyalgia and are on total disability had to hire an attorney. If the attorney can go to court to get disability for a person why can't a group of sufferers file class action law suits to go after the insurance companies. And an attorney who could handle this would be accustomed to working and being paid according to and after the court decision. Years ago mental conditions/addictions were not covered by medical insurance. After people worked to get this changed there is coverage available through most insurances. Of course, there are stipulations which most doctors know how to work. Just a thought.


Death and Taxes.... - August 26

Yes, I agree with you's a shame that a person has to HIRE someone to get for them what they are entitled too's all a big mess and that is how they want it. Many that suffer with acute anxiety can not go through the process of getting help for themselves. Others that are in pain sure as heck can't...Yeah, we need to protest and we need to do it out loud. *face red with anger and frustration. (And to you Joni..thank you for these suggestions for help. I appreciate it and hopefully Laura as well as others can find the assistance they so desperately need.)


Jean - August 30

Insurance is a necessary evil. If she had insurance with her previous company they sometimes send a letter of validation so you can be picked up at another job location. I would however ask questions from the Humane Resourse department at both places and see where it goes from there.



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