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8 Replies
kaye - January 2

has anyone out there been on sleep medications for a long period of time. ive been on ambien for a year it really helps me sleep but worried about long term effects are. the cmbalta has worked but it does not help me sleep. also has anyone experience sciatica nerve problems seems i get that pain every so often .


tcmby - March 22

i get insomnia all the time (like tonite :) i have a few things that i can take for it, but i don't like to take anything 'everyday'. i notice there are a few others out here late at nite sometimes & it makes me feel better... Lol. but then again there are ppl posting here who live overseas or whatever & its the middle of the day for them so you never know.... i think they say that ambien & lunesta are safe for long term use but i hear you, these drugs are new, so who knows about the long term effects... are you getting the sciatic pain at nite too? have you heard of RLS (restless leg syndrome) that also keeps ppl awake when they are trying to sleep. i think there is a med for that too (of course).


tcmby - March 22

ps. anyone else out here struggle with insomnia? what works for you?


Fantod - March 22

I have a terrible time with sleep. I have FMS and some restless leg issues, The latter problem comes and goes so I have not been treated for it yet. My list of prescriptions is long enough already. I currently use 30mg of Amitripyline whch either works and knocks me out until 3AM or not at all. Before I was diagnosed, I was using a homeopathic remedy which worked just about as well. Here it is: L-Theanine 200mg, Valerian 200 mg, Melatonin 1mg. You can find this at the local health food store. To get the dose right you'll probably have to buy everything seperately. I found that it was pretty effective. I get a good nights sleep on Amitriptyline about every 5-7 nights. The rest of the time I make do with about 5 hours of sleep.


Jean Taylor - March 23

I have been on Lunesta for two years. I could not take the sweating from both Ambien and Cymbalta. I like the Lunesta because it is my chance for getting sleep - which we MUST have and I've not noticed any side-effects including no morning grogginess. At this point (had an "on the couch all day" day today...) I don't care if they are addictive - though when I forget to take them - it doesn't seem to freak my body or mind out! After sleep and naps are the only time I'm out of pain to know that "I" am still here and involved in my life.


Adaire - March 23

I have a really hard time falling asleep too. I have tried trazodone and amitriptyline, which worked sometimes, sometimes not. I have yet to find something that works every time. Maybe I'll give Lunesta a try, everybody seems to say how good it is.


Iori - March 23

not getting enough sleep sucks. it makes the pain worse & i feel useless. i haven't found anything that works very well either.


teresat - March 23

I struggle with sleep, but mine seem to be directly related to my pain level! I have not had any success with getting my DR to prescribe sleep aides! I take trazadone, flexeril, & Cymbalta at night for sleep. I also invested in a memory foam mattress topper. It has helped a great deal!!!


Connie - March 23

My heart goes out to each and every one of you dealing with sleep problems. I too have been there. For three years Ambien worked very well. I could sleep well and awake fully without feeling “hung over.” After major surgery, followed by a very serious infection which became life threatening, my tried and true combination of medications stopped working. The worst was a stretch of wakefulness lasting 72 hours. I should have called my primary care physician, but when things go that wrong, and you are living on your own, it is difficult to be objective. When I did seek help, my doctor assured me that we wouldn’t stop until we found something that worked. It took a while, perhaps six weeks until the exact dose and medication clicked. Everyone reacts differently to medications, and sometimes the side effects become the answer. So with this being said… I will share the combination which works well for me. Cymbalta 60mg gives me more energy, Effexor 225mg helps with the pain, and I use Mirtazapine 45mg just prior to bed. I take longer to fully awaken, but sleep soundly every night. I tried to use Ambien and Lunesta a few months ago to see if they would work once again, but stayed awake all night. For fifteen years a TENS unit worked well on my back pain, but I have developed an allergic reaction to the adhesive backed electrodes and have severe arthritis in my neck where electrodes cannot be used. It is still great when my back pain is at it’s worse, although the irritation and itch almost outweigh any relief. I now use Hydroco/Appap 5/500 which is generic Vicodin , 5mg Codeine with 500 Tylenol, once or twice a day for pain. Hopefully this will help some of you in your search for relief. The best medicine for me has been a great ongoing partnership with my primary care physician. Together we continue to “fine tune” treatment of this condition by seeking out new research and assistance from professionals working with Fibromyalgia. Please don’t give up. Find medical professionals willing to work with you. My best to all.



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