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7 Replies
kaye - November 15

hello i have just started taking cymbalta and it works but now the problem is waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep i even take a sleep med ambien has anyone experienced this.


Virg - November 15

Hi Kaye, I learnt from my pharmacist that cymbalta is a cross between prosac and effexior. These might be keeping you awake more. But I believe that Teresa takes trazadone for the night as well and it works. I take Trazadone and it does make you get some sleep.


AmberRose - November 25

i have those problems too but im not on anything i was taking some sleeping pill wich i cant rememerb the name for a while and it helped and now im back on track..but it coems and goes...hope you are sleeping better now though!


TERESA - November 25

Virg is right, I am taking Cymbalta 60mg @ night for sleep. I also take Trazadone 50mg @ HS for sleep & I can take 2 if needed. It is working for me! I started with 2 trazadones but now I am only taking one at night. My DR doesn't like sleeping aids so this is what he gave me. How are you doing now, Kaye?


CarrieLee - December 13



kaye - December 15

I really like the cymbalta the more i take it though the less it seems to work i have some pain coming back, i dont wake up in middle of night like used to i still take the ambien everynight. i used to take trazadone ,but it made me gain weight. but anyway the cymbalta is great.


barbar - December 15

If you've been reading the other threads, you know that Carrie's allegedly husband, HK, has been lombasting people in a most evil and spiteful way, and he has been telling us how devastated his wife has been because she has been so viciously attacked. She's been crying and weeping and depressed, sufficiently so that her husband has been spending hours of his work time reading these posts to see what cruelties we've been heaping upon her. He alledges that she is sweet and innocent and she has harmed no-one, yet she has been throttled. It's so bad, he won;t let her come back to the web site, poor little thing. And then what? She comes right back and in engages in exactly that cruel behavior she did on December 13. She starts censoring the web site again and burying what she doesn't want others to see by 'bumping' old postings to the top of the list. Observe the behavior of Larry/Kathy/Helen, CarrieLee, and HK and draw your own conclusions.


JJ1 - December 15

Barb, best just to lay off. Hit that "poor taste" button that sits next to the posts that you feel are in poor taste and home the moderator takes action. Maybe an e-mail directly to the moderator is called for in this situation. I would refrain from starting a war. Just ignore and go back to answer posts of those with problems you can provide help to or let us know how your fibro is going and if there are any supportive tips we may be able to give you.



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