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ccc - February 17

Has any one tried injections into painful areas? My neck and arm have been in a lot of pain for months now and nothing has been working. I have tried meds and massage therapy and nothing is working. My primary doctor referred me to a pain clinic but I dont have an appointment for at least a week. Wondering if this has helped anyone? Relief would be great!


January - February 19

I think it depends on what is causing your pain. Have you had MRIs to see if you have some spinal problems causing the pain? Or do you have knots of bunched up muscle fibers? Or something else? I'd recommend that you ask for a firm diagnosis of what is causing the pain, and then do some googling on your own to learn about the condition and decide how to treat the problem.

It seems doctors routinely offer cortisone shots (but sometimes don't do much to properly diagnose cause of pain). Before you undergo those, do your own research. You can plug in "cortisone injection" into the blue search box in the upper right hand corner. Also, google search and read the forums. Cortisone works well for some people, not for others. There was some research out last year, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, that said cortisone shots which helped in the short term could cause worse pain later on -- they speculated it might be that the needle caused some damage to delicate tissues, but didn't really know why.

Cortisone is a potent drug and can have side effects. You shouldn't go in for too many shots, if you decide to have them at all. It is a steroid, and treats short term inflammation well. But if your problem is not caused by inflammation, then it probably won't help.

If your problem is knotted up muscle tissue, you might be offered lidocaine injections. I had these, and they cured the painful muscles in my back. I had several treatments by an anesthesiologist, using a very small needle and many small injections. Plus I had massage to work on the muscle tissue. I later asked a regular MD for a lidocaine injection and he used a big needle and one shot - that was very painful! So it also depends on the doctor!

Good luck with it, and hope you get some relief soon. Chronic aching and pain wears you down!



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