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Infrared Sauna Experience
3 Replies
maggie888 - August 24

After much research and talking with a fellow fibro sufferer that owns a sauna, I decided to throw in the towel and buy an infrared sauna. It is the best purchase I have made in years. I know heat therapy probably isn't for everyone and the prices aren't in everyone's budget, but I have owned the sauna for just over 3 weeks and even though it is temporary relief and I get in the sauna once and sometimes twice a day......I am a firm believer in the benefits I have received so far.

There are plenty of health benefits to regular sauna and heat therapy and for me, nothing makes me feel better than that feeling of heat sinking deep into my skin, muscles and joints. It gives me great temporary relief.

For me the prognosis and long term outcome is looking GREAT. FYI, I bought my infrared sauna from The quality of the sauna was GREAT.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Please share.



axxie - August 25

Hey maggie888

My hubby has been after me to purchase one, so now I shall buy one. I need all the relief I can get.

My problem is conserving my physical strength, it so hard. I am now being weened off Cymbalta 60 to 30, my head is clearer on 30. I also jab myself with vit B-12 shots, as per my doctor's orders, but it's not enough, I do not have any energy....

I will let you know, how I feel once I get this efrared sauna.....


mimosette - August 25

I remember using one at the gym, but hated it because I hate to be hot. But it did help with pain.

Maggie, how does it affect your power bill, or can you tell yet? We struggle so during the summer to keep our house cool ($350 monthly power bills, with new AC unit, and extra thick new insulation)


Fantod - August 25

I have a doctor who has recommeded an infra-red sauna to me. He has one and says because of the deep heat that this sauna generates, it would be ideal for Fibromyalgia (FMS). I would love to buy one but the purchase price ($1600) is more than I can afford at this time.



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