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Increasing Fatigue
3 Replies
Mike G - August 3

I am now 62. I have had widespread pain since I was a teenager, with various diagnoses, including, of course, fibrositis. I was formally diagnosed with FMS 8 years ago. In the last 10 years or so my fatigue has been worse. In the last 5 years approx my pain in my right hip has increased, so much that I can walk for only about 15 minutes before the pain is bad. Sometimes it lessen if I rest. I've had a laminectomy and neural decompression at L1 and L2 and the neuro says the hip pain is not related. I know FMS is not supposed to be progressive,but is my experience unusual?


Lynne - August 2

Hi Mike, I am 43 and have the worst hip pain somedays, the 4th of July I woke up unable to put any weight on my right leg because of the hip, I took one of my strong pain meds and laid back down for an hour or so. When I fell 2 years ago I developed FMS within about 3 months I took a direct fall to my knees, I limped after the accident and the pain continued to increase. I do not know how much activity you get but for me not a lot because of my hips, one of my doctors stated that my siatic joint is fixating and I am losing my range of motion in it he said it was from the fall. There are sometimes that the pain will settle in one hip for a few weeks then the other, it lasts about 6-8 weeks on the average then switches, mine started on the right side and is now in the left hip. I also use a cane for walking on bad days and to help me stand I am the same way after about 20 mins of standing I need to sit down. Has any of your doctors done any x-rays or mris to see if you have any type of arthritis or anything else to explain the pain? Have you considered asking them if there are any exercises or using heat or ice on the area? Just a few thoughts.


Mike G - August 3

Thanks Lynne. I'm still working as an academic, but I have to drive to work each day due to not coping with walking and catching the train. Sometimes I find the pain does shift from side to side, or gets worse more on one side! The actual bone seems so painful, but I know from past experience that soft tissue pain can seem like bone and joints I was visiting students at a nearbye hospital last Friday and caught the lift to the highest floor and thought I'd be clever and walk down from floor to floor, with stops of several minutes talking on each. I paid for it over the weekend. And the rest of this week I've been in a fog finding it difficult to focus on much. If I had a 9-5 office job I wouldn't cope. Luckily I can work at all hours and teaching hours are not too much that I can't rise to the occasion. I've had no falls, but my spine has been degenerating and my neurosurgeon says he can't do any more surgery now. I'm booked for an ultrasound in a week to see if there is a bursitis present. If there is they inject them with steroids so they can see where its going. Had this done 'blind' before and that didn't relieve it! The head of the trochanter - hip bone - is a tender point anyway so its hard to know isn't it. Thanks for sharing.


Lynne - August 3

Mike, I wish you the best! I had to have mri done on my right shoulder before an injection was done. My tendonitis/brusitis developed into a partial tear of the rotator cuff, no surgery is scheduled I can feel the shot wearing off slowly so I will deal with that when the time comes.



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