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in hospital christmas day
2 Replies
peachmelba - December 27

hi there fibro sufferers. i'm at my wits end i spent nine hours in hospital on christmas day thinking i was having a heart attack! the pain was so intense i thought i was dying. i woke up with severe pain between my breasts and under my left breast, so initially i thought i was having a h/a i felt light headed and dizzy but that could have been through panicking. i felt guilty and relieved it wasn't a h/a, guilty that i had wasted there time yet relieved it was only my fibro. the doctor wasn't convinced he thought i' strained myself but i know i hadn't it must have been a bad flare up. has anyone experienced the same? also i'm from the uk is anyone else out there from the uk??? take care


Sonja44 - December 29 fact severe chest pain was one of my first symptoms...along with LOW Blood Pressure (78/46)and LOW heart rate (48 bpm). But the chest pain was unreal. It felt like a vice grip on my heart with someone stabbing at it as well. They did all the usual tests for heart attacks but everything was "normal" (except my vitals). It was drop you to your knees and make you cry pain.

I still get twinges of that now and again...but nothing like it was in the beginning. I'm on a heart med to regulate my heart rate and BP so they won't fall to near death. LOL.

I'm not from the UK, fibro friend,...but from Pocatello, Idaho, USA.

I had one doc tell me I'd had a "panic attack." I laughed in his face...78/46 blood pressure is NOT's near unconsciousness. You don't need to go to med school to know that. My GP is the one who diagnosed CFIDS/FM.

(General statement coming...)The Cardiologists don't know what to do with you if you're not an old man having typical Heart Attack symptoms.

I got the flu for xmas and feel like i've been hit by a truck today. Fun stuff. NOT!
Take Care friend.


jacobea - December 30

I'm from the UK, and despite being told by all my friends to go to the hospital/see a doctor for stabbing pains in my left arm and chest, tightness in my chest and struggling to breathe, i wouldn't go near the NHS if i was paid to :P

The doctors seem to be really dismissive (at least where i live)-personal and best friends' horror stories abound!

Although it's expensive, i've found private healthcare to be much, much better. You get an appoinment quick and you hardly even have to sit in the waiting room long. The doctors listen to you, and they consider everything, not just make an off-hand diagnosis.

Take care.



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