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IBS type symtpoms???
12 Replies
Parker - September 7

does anyone else suffer from digestive problems with fibro? lately I have been constipated, bloated & feel sick to my stomach? is this normal?


Janet - September 3

I do as well. I often feel sick to my stomach. Does anyone have any advice?


Virg - September 3

Yup I have had hard times with that but
recently I began taking metamucil organge
smooth flavour (3


Virg - September 3

oops keyboard slipup. cont'd (3 times a day
to start) and for nausea that doesn't go away
over a medium time I have prochlorperazine 10
mg. Those I don't take often but nice to have


TERESA - September 4

I have gone back & forth with diarrhea for no apparent reason then constipation. Are you taking any narctic meds? They can cause constipation. I've found taking MOM helps me. You get fast relief from constipation, bloating & nausea, without painful cramping. I sound like a commercial (LOL)! Hope this helps.


Brandy - September 4

At the risk of sounding dumb... what is MOM?


Parker - September 4

Brandy.... I was thinking the same thing :)


TERESA - September 5

Sorry, MOM is milk of magnesia.


R.S.Hagen - September 5

that is funny, I use MOM too, remembered it from when I had problems while pregnant and couldn't use anything else, Long time ago... It does help also for GERD, the night time indigestion, it lines the throat so that the acid won't burn it, I take a lot of codine and it is the cheapest ,safest and painless way to fix a slow system. tastes lousy but have a drink of water to chase it with.


Brandy - September 5

Thanks Teresa, I just couldn't figure that one out, lol.


JJ - September 5

I think I have said this before on this board, but when I started taking Elavil, my IBS symptoms were greatly alleviated -- pretty much non-existent except during periods of high stress. Elavil is an antidepressent but is prescribed to FMS sufferers because it helps your body reach the deep sleep needed to feel restored. I would go to bed exhausted and fall right asleep but would wake and not feel rested. Now my nighttime sleep is more sound and I wake up feeling like I did get a good night's sleep. My rheumatologist prescribed Elavil after initial diagnosis of FMS.


Sue - September 5

They do say IBS is common with people who have FMS. I usually get more of the diarrhea than the constipation. And it is worse when I am under stress or nervous. But it seems to be always with me.


george - September 7

I get the utter sputters now & again. drink some metamucil or get those wafers that help you shoot. it can have a volcanic reaction but man its worth it to really clean those pipes! make sure to drink plenty of H20 or else you can get really bunged up & risk hemmoroids, who the hell wants to do that?



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