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PEANUT - March 31

Hi. It's been some time since I've been on the forum. I know many of you suffer from IBS along with FMS. Last night I had a very scary incident where I felt an unreal pressure in my head and could not resist wanting to close my eyes. So I closed my eyes then sort of maybe dozed when all of a sudden I couldn't breathe and was hard by to swallow. This happened a couple of times then I started to kind of panic, my heart was beating like crazy then I couldn't stop shaking. So i took my clonazapam thinking it would calm me. Anyway, it turned out that I was full of gas but for once did not feel like I was. Usually I know as I cannot stop burping, experince bloating and sometimes cramping. Does this sound like the IBS. I do have breathing problems (my heart and lungs are healthy, after much testing) but never before have I felt that almost paralizing feeling where I couldn't swallow. I usually ride out my indigestion or take Pepto Bismol which I hate to do as it turns my teeth and tongue black. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of attack or am I alone in this. Thanks for the ear and I hope that this is a better day for one and all!


January - April 1

Hi peanut - I've had various strange sensations in my head before. I finally realized they were caused by antidepressants (which I quit) or else by low potassium. (That was for ME - I imagine other drugs or physical problems can cause odd sensations for other people.) Certainly, you should mention this to your doctor, and see if he has any explanation.

The only time I had IBS symptoms was when I was taking drugs that caused them - or eating foods I was allergic to. Something I had to figure out for myself as most doctors don't look for causes, but just add more pills to treat symptoms. Keeping a careful diary was very helpful.

Sounds like you did panic though! Sometimes panic can make it hard to swallow. If this happens again, note down what drugs and foods you were taking in the few days before it happened. Hope it was just a one time thing!


Jocelyn - April 2

Hi Peanut,

I do have IBS, but I have never had problems with sensations in my head, only bad cramps in my body until I finaly went to the bathroom or ended up with the runs. Sometimes, like January said above, it could be from drugs you are taking. I have had many panic attacks and what you described does sound more like a panic attack and a problem with IBS.I have had trouble swallowing too, but am unasure if that is caused by the panic attack.

I do hope you get thourghly checked out pertaining to this situation. If it is anxiety, you need to be treated for it. If it is gas, then GAS-X over the counter does a great job with removing the gas.

Please let me know how you make out.


bluesbrrd - April 10

I had some problems with my bowels getting bloated and almost twisted - I would have these attacks, and my head would also feel like it was pounding with pressure and was going to burst! It is very difficult to describe, like your bowels were being twisted inside out, and it was so bad it would make me scream! i would break out in a cold, profuse sweat over my whole body. Thank god they would be over after about 15 or 20 minutes, but I came very close to calling 911 more than once. They would usually end in a bowel movement, and I would be sore and sick for days, like I had been kicked in the stomach!

I have IBS, and this was not IBS! The first time it happened, I hadn't had a bowel movement for 10 days. It was extremely scary! I started to get massage, which helped, and then I stopped taking one medication, nortriptoline (Pamelor) which I think had some effect on how my bowels worked. It finally started going away and now it has been gone for three months. I still have some discomfort, and a tightness and spasm just below my ribs, on the left side, but it's a picnic compared to what had been happening. It seems to be related to my back getting tight at that level, also. If I sit up too long it gets sore and stiff.

It really scared the hell out of me! No one has really been able to explain it, either. During the attacks, i would literally be thinking this is so excruciating I would shoot myself if it didn't stop after a while. But I don't have a gun!!! Black humor - I can't help it!

My rheumy said it was my sympathetic nervous system going haywire. I'm glad it's back to sanity now!



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