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5 Replies
marydema - May 19

I would love to talk to others who have this stuff. I feel like I have had it forever! It's just getting worse not better. The doctors around here don't know what to do with me still. I think my doctor has just given up on me. he won't try anything new, just same old same old. I know this stuff won't kill me but noone around here has FMS so they don't understand. I feel like a whiney baby! Thanx, Mary


jlh - May 19

Hey Mary. No you are not a whiney babey although I feel like one too hahah. I would love to talk more, I opnly discovered this site a couple of weeks ago and have found so many positive and helpful ideas on here , it has already lifted my spirits. Where you from???


BrandyO - May 19

Hi Marydema.... My name is Brandy. I know exactly how you feel. I have had fibro for over 40 years now and my 17 year old daughter was just diagnosed recently. I have a question for you. Is the doctor you see a rheumatologist? We see one and I also see a neurologist who is knowledgeable about FM. Take care PS... we have the right to whine.... it's no fun at all.


teresat - May 20

OH Brandy, so SORRY to hear about your daughter!!!


teresat - May 20

Marydema, there a lot of places on the Internet to WHINY ALL YOU WANT!! Please feel free to whiny!! We all do from time to time!! Having a DR that will listen helps a lot with our moods!! Maybe you need to try another DR?? I hpe that thing get better for you!!!!


BrandyO - May 21

Thanks Terasat... My daughter seems to be taking it in her stride. She has the same symptoms I had at her age. Both of us feeling our aches and pains around 12 years old. Hopefully by the time she reaches my age ( 53) things will be much different for her. At least doctors are coming around and believing us. For years I saw a psychiatrist because it was supposedly all in my head! Take care, Brandy



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