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I was FIRED from my job...DISCRIMINATED against!!!!
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KathywithaK - March 13

I was fired due to having Fibromyalgia and my boss finding out about it. I never once complained about it to him or anyone else at my job and he said I was the best person he's ever had to work with in the office. He said he just wasn't sure he'd be able to afford insurance on me due to my health problems and fired me on Monday. What do I do? I bellieve I have been discriminated against because of my disability. Can anyone help me???


Al - January 20

You need to seek legal advise, and if possible file complaint with you're local employment office. if this is true you have a good chance of taking him through the cleaners.


TJ - January 21

you definitly are being discriminated against!! your boss is more interested in his bottomline than the overall health of the buisiness as you are an asset to him.He is an ignorant selfish person. I am in a similar situation at my job as the fibro is extremly exacerbated by the dust I am exposed to and have been diagnosed with allergic sensitivities that put the fibro and myofacial in high gear. My employers are building a clean room for me to manage the production from, however I am not going to delude myself that all is well, as several comments have been made that prodution is down, it is only a matter of time before a wage reduction comes. after all its all about the money. I am the only person within the company that can do what I do however I feel that they have been looking for a replacement. just because you have fibro does not give anyone the right to dicriminate!!get a lawer that specializes in work related disibilities as I think they will better understad the labor laws in your area. good luck


coco - January 21

in canada we have what is call the workers bureau.... you have to go to a place like that
they protect a worker... you cannot be fired from a job due to health... unless you are not doing your job it is illegal.. i am so upset for you.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


COCO - January 21

email jeffrey rabin if you live in the united states
he is a lawyer and backs fibro all the way
he will answer you
type his name in google or click on this


Jean - January 22

Hi Kathy: I suggest you go to Department of Labor and tell them your story and file for unemployment and see what you can do through them about this discrimination. I would also suggest getting the states attorney,through the dept of labor write your states attorney they will have the address, but this can take time to go through the paper trail also apply for social security disability, I hope you already have a paper trail with doctors about your condition, it will be a great help.


MP - February 15

I believe I was fired for the same reasons almost a year ago. Please call the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) at 312-353-2714. You must file within 300 days of the alleged firing for a disability. Good luck.


Denise - February 15

This happened to me and I was too shocked and embarassed to do anything about it but, yes, YOU CAN! There are strict time limits so please consult with someone right away and let us know how it turns out.


John - February 23

Very I too have been fired from my job as of Friday of last week. They said it was due to cutbacks and finances. I work for a school in the board offices and I work on all the computers for the whole school district. My job is very important(without me there are no computers )so I dont understand how they can cut my job. I was diagnosed in March of last year and I have a strong feeling that it is due to me being sick and dealiing with FS.


Jean - March 3

It depends on the company. The company either looks to you for your work ethics or they are just not understanding the disease. I got hired on aa new job and they knew about it before they hired me.


Jean - March 3

On my last job I think they were just afraid of my diagnosis and did not know how to deal with it or they were scared as to whether I would be able to havndle the stress of the job, it just depends on the company. I think they who fire or get rid of good employees with this condition are just not eduacated about it and it scares them.


Franceska - March 13

As far as I know, you cannot be fired for your health problems alone. Your employer has to document loss of production, excessive absences, ets. Talk to a good lawer. You should be able to sue him, but it also depends on what he put in your file as a reason for letting you go...he might not have put down what he told you. In any case, he would have had to give you a warning (for acceptable reasons, like I stated above, before firing you. I would file for unemployment, and also contact the Department of Labor and the Equal Opportunity Board in your state to see what your options are.



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