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I really miss my brain.
8 Replies
bbass - October 21

I use to have a great brain. I have read here that others miss their brains too. Today I have the fact that my brain is gone spring to my attention...I have a zune (mp3 player) I sorta broke it by pulling on the charger too hard. My husband fixed it for me, but I couldnt get it to shut down. I kept telling him...something is wrong with my zune, it wont shut down. I press up and to the left to shut it down and it just restarts itself. I have stared at my zune in frustration, the battery dies so much quicker when you can't shut it down. I even thought I needed a new one. So finally I decided to just enjoy it when the battery is charged and shrug, what you goin do. So,today I am on a bus with like 50 ten to eleven year olds on a field trip, staring at my zune, thinking stupid battery, I hate stupid batteries. Then I turned it up so I wouldn't have to hear all the sweet children, when it dawned on me, When I used to get it to shut down, the sound was always going down, hmmm, wonder why it doesn't do that anymore...hey, wait a minute, you are suppose to press to the left and and then down. That's how you turn it off! I wanted to die, right there on the bus. For a month...a month! I have been restarting it, not turning it off, because I have lost my BRAIN!!!This is just pure venting. I tried to explain it to my husband, but he just shook his head at me. Ugh. Now, I am thinking it's the trazodone making so forgetful...Man, I really miss my brain. I wish there was a way to get it back. Well, on the positive side, I used to worry about being crippled and having a frustrated active brain just dying to get work, when my body goes, it's following the brain, cause it's already gone! Sorry. Just had to get that off my chest.


brooksidefarm - October 21

I understand! This is happening to me along with the new slurring of the words. The past few days I cannot remember what day it is. I cannot even think of what we did when in order to figure it out, my husband has to tell me. Hang in there. At least there are more of us you are not going crazy - yet:-)!


bbass - October 21

I haven't got to the slurring of words yet...something to look forward to. Right now just forgetting word, saying wrong words, and playing guess the word I'm thinking games with my friends...kinda like charades but with more talking...and not satisfying because sometimes I'm not sure if the word they guess I was trying to come up with was even really the word. So we are not crazy? Good to know


axxie - October 21

I thought for sure, that I was the only one. So I seem to be able to do only one task at one time. I was finishing supper, and asked my daughter to set up the table. She asked me, which one, I only have 3 tables in three different rooms. But the only thing I could say was "The" (emphasizing) table, she's trying her best to figure out which one, and I kept saying "The" table, then out of frustration I said the blue table. I don't have a blue table, but that is all I could say, until my daughter said, point to the room. It's frustrating, because I used to be one great cook according to my family and friends. Now I have no clue what to make, I have tones of cookbook, but I seem to be lost. I tried making a list and checking it twice. That's all nice, except I still loose or forget where I have left the lists, it doesn't matter if I make twice copies, I will all forget where I have put it.

My daughter and husband think I'm certifiable crazy, with the fumble words, forgetting, playing charade trying to figure out what words, and the big one "where is my brain".

I also miss my brain, damn I know what you mean. I bet you, if we were to have a meeting between all of us, some of us, would get to the destination a week early, others would totally forget the right day and the rest of us, maybe we would get there eventually.

Yep, I miss my brain!!!


mbfibroGal - October 21

Wow, I am SO thankful that I found this board, because things are starting to make sense!!

I have been using the wrong words, unable to complete my sentence, forget what I am saying 1/2 way through the discussion.....

Man, I thought I really was going crazy.

I also REALLY miss my brain!


tnichel - October 21

Ummm, if you find my brain can you please return it?! lol. I love the title of your post. Me, I have somehow forgotten the step of zipping my pants and no one ever tells me it's open and sometimes I walk around all day like that.

Not mention I'm making up words and no one ever corrects me. "Archistructure" is not a word but "architecture" is. And don't get me started on the stuttering and forgetting the name of my sister's dog. Hell some days I can't even remember the names of some of my relatives. Whatever, I just wait for the next day to roll around and start anew.

Axxie you just reminded me, I showed up for a elementary school career fair where I representing my company a week early at 8am in the morning. I had to get up extra early for that!

Oh, and what's with doctor's offices not calling to remind you of your appt? I showed up a week later and only b/c I realized I was out of meds. The doc said you're a week late.... gee, how'd you guess? thank goodness that doc doesn't charge you for being a no show but at least they call me now. ;)


axxie - October 22

I think, if we, collectively find 'lost and found,' we might find some of our brains. Or at least I hope we do.

So, where's lost and found!!


aussiegirl - October 24

I'm sorry to say it but I was so glad to hear you guys talk about your brains or lack thereof. I couldn't remember how to cut an onion the other day, I just stood there looking at it....what a bizarre feeling, eventually remembered a couple of hours later.


axxie - October 25

Yep, the onion trick, sometimes I look at carrots and stare at the bag, pondering what I'm suppose to do with them. ummmm



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