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TERESA - October 4

I am having a LOT of difficulty being able to get to work on time! My boss is very understanding, but I am getting quite annoyed with myself. I can't sem to get up earily enough because I've been upon & off all night long. When I do get up I am so stiff & in pain that it takes me hours to get ready. Do any of you ,whoe have to be up early ie.. for work, the husband, the kids, etc... have any suggestions that work for you. I'm at a loss! Soon tax season will start & I HAVE TO BE @ WORK ON TIME!!! It will also be very long hours & i don't know how to handle this. I had just started working FULL time before my DX. I have made a commitment so I must follow through!


Virg - October 4

Hi Teresa, I'd change from Paxil to a sleeping aide that would give you a sound deeper sleep. For me many years ago I didn't get help with paxil for my sleep. Maybe going to sleep earlier and waking earlier moving around and then taking a bit of pain killer might help
getting the day started. I'm the morning
person here since my guy works afternoon to ll pm and stays up so I have
the mornings to moan and groan if I have to. LOL


barbar - October 4

I know what you mean; I have the same problem. I have started going to bed sooner. That has helped somewhat but when the fatigue cycle is at it's lowest, I need between 14 and 18 hours of sleep. You might try keeping a journal of your symptoms, that will help you predict when your cycle hits this point. A low sugar, low salt diet actually helps adjust the sleep cylce. Also shcek with your doctor for some appropriate medication. But remember, this is a cycle and some days will be much closer to normal for you. Take care.


Virg - October 4

Barbara that is soo true. I'll be ok for a
few days then crash for 2 nights and a day. Thats something to keep in mind if
one needs to be normal fibro for a certain day .


maleighamylove - October 5

Hi Teresa, I Have to get up at least 2 hours than I normally should to be able to get to work on time, and this is only after sleeping for 2 or 3 through the night. My First hour I do nothing but sit and try to get my balance, and my body and joints awake. I also take my first pain pill during this time. Then the second hour I try to walk from the kitchen to the den very slowly really very slowly!!, I then try to drink something, water orange juice or whatever if my hands will let me.
Then I go and get my bath and do all my hair duties and makeup as much as I can do on that morning.
I don't have any answers for you, I take sleeping pills, lol as you can see they don't work for me, there is still to much pain going on, we have tried several over the last 10 years, all they do is help to make me sleepier the next morning.
That is what I do, I stand and walk all day long, so by the time I get to work 30 minute drive I am already so stiff again, that it takes me a good while to get in the building and then to be ready for work. I am late sometimes, which My Boss does not look kindly on, but hey after I work 10 hours or more some less without ever sitting down because I can't get back up, well I can't help it.
At night when I get home, someone has to help me get out and up my steps.
Oh the tears I cry.
Sorry for ranting.


TERESA - October 6

Sorry Maleighamylove, I had not seen your post before but you sound just like me! I have problems getting others to understand. Do you? I don't really understand myself & it's hard to explain! My boss is understanding right now, but when tax season starts this is not going to do! I'm going to see the doctor today, maybe he will be in a helpful mood today!


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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