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I need help getting someone to believe me
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[email protected] - September 11

what is the best route to getting a diagnosis and treatment for this condition? I have been to my family doctor and a psyciatrist about the pain, depression, severe fatigue, and teeth grinding leading to major headaches and they just keep saying it's stress and depression. I can't accept that there is no hope because I am affraid that someone is going to take my 4 kids away Please help me


Parker - September 10

Hi Kimberly, I would ask for a referral to a rhumetologist or a physiatrist (rehab-sports medicine specialist) these guys are the highly respected doctors who typically diagnose this condition. No one will dispute their findings. Stress & depression can make a pain syndrome much worse, sometimes they are even the cause, but once the ball starts rolling it is hard to stop it. you are not alone! you are not crazy! we have all been there. I can't imagine the stress involved with kids in the mix. take care of yourself & see if you can get that referral. the average person diagnosed with fibromyalgia typically seeks treatment for 3-5 years before getting the word. don't give up hope. let us know how you do. take care, Parker :)


TERESA - September 10

Who might take your kids away? In most cases FM is not even concidered a disablity, just ask thoses who are are trying to get SSI/disability. You would have to be proven unfit & in most cases a physical disablity doesn''t apply. I wrote in one of my other posts, that if you believe you have FMS, you should go to your doctor well informed. Do your reseach. Start a log of your daily pains, when, what, where, & how it is effecting your daily life. Then take that with you. Gently try to lead your doctor in your direction. be careful not to sound llike you are diagnosising yourself or telling him/her how to diagnosis you (many doctors have a God complex) you don't want to step no their toes! Be forceful & stand firm but not pushy. Dotctor find it harder to dismiss a well informed patient. Sometimes it is nesscery to switch doctors. Rheumatologist are the doctor that are most informed about FMS. Also if you can find a female doc, they seem to be a little more simpathic & less dismissive. Be prepared to undergo a lot of tests. FMS is a diagnosis of excultion. Hope this helps.


kimberly - September 10

The reason I am worried about my kids taken away is these problem with me are getting worse everyday. It is greatly affecting my ability to care for them. Especially my oldest who has adhd,bipolar,and scizophrenia.I am alone with no one to help me


jean - September 10

You either have Fibro or you don't. I really think the doctors have a hard time in diagnosing and treating this. I would be careful with the medication that is given and really focus on the underlying condition. Make the doctors find the underlying condition...


TERESA - September 11

Kimberly, is there any organizations in your area that can provide you with a home health aide? Sometimes churches can get you in touch with someone, ERs & free clinics may have info on this also. If you have a diagnosis you may qualify for state assistance because of the childern.


Parker - September 11

Hi there again Kim, Teresa makes a good point. Is there any public assistance offices you can call (I live in AU so I'm not familiar with the US) here we have a local number published in the tele book with a nurses line that is 24/7. you can call to talk to a counsellor or nurse about depression or illness. they are usually fantastic. most hospitals have a 24 hour line that functions somewhat the same. Don't thnk there is no hope, you will be okay. this is a very hard time in your life right now. see if you can call for help & let us know how you do okay? Parker :)


Marsha - September 11

Hi Kimberley, I feel for you. This is all really good advice. You need to care for yourself so that you can be a good mother to those babies. We do the best we can. You kids are lucky to have such a loving and concerned mom.


barbar - December 17

Let's get back to Kimberly but just look at all the names of all the people who no longer come to this web site. Let's see if we can't get some of them back or at least not lose anymore that come visit.



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