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6 Replies
firomama - April 8

Thanks 1st for all of your kind words about the cancer. april 15th, 2 days b4 my bday i begin that journey, in the mean while an MRI of my spine revealed that my whole thoriac(sm)part of the spine is herniated, all of them on the right side. also my cervical area is almost all the way herniate, all of them. i dont even totally understand what this all means! the drs are saying things like poss. deg. disc dis. what to do? im being strong to my family bc suddenly im a delicate egg that could break if i wipe my hiney. i know they meaan the best so i came here to vent. i also have rhuemy in my hands and osto arth everywhere else. just been a sucky week. more meds for the GERD. More meds for my hands, surgery on my thyriod, then my back!!! i just miscarried in feb. this is to much. i started smoking, again...shh dont tell anyone! LOL! alright im laying down, thanks for listening.


Canada17 - April 8

I beg you, PLEASE STOP smoking again! You were obviously able to quit once, that is such a good thing for you. Smoking will provide you no benefit. The perceived stress relief is actually a trick, smoking increases your heart rate and blood pressure. It also disrupts your sleep cycle and affects your thyroid.

With all of the issues you listed, smoking should scare you, not put you at ease. I know I sound like a nag but my mom has smoked all her life and is now receiving dose-dense (every two weeks) chemotherapy because of triple negative breast cancer. After six months of chemo she has to do two months of radiation. She has diabetes, thyroid issues, and high blood pressure. All of her issues stem from this terrible habit of smoking.

So again, I urge you to quit. You are doing yourself no good by smoking. In addition, if you have to have surgery, smoking will impede your healing.


firomama - April 8

i know. i have smoked more of my life than not and im only going on 31. i started at 5th grade. i have stopped on and off several times over the years. i think the reason for doing it IS false stress relief. i cant drink, pot actually makes my fibro worse, cant abuse my pills. i need a place away from myself to go. honestly, to be intoxicated. not that smoking does that. i was in control, maybe bad, but still control. (3 cigs a day)


Noca - April 8

A Xanax will provide the same or even better stress relief than a cigarette will. Stop smoking and hang in there.


axxie - April 9

Hey girl, don't despair, it's just a dark passage that's going on. The family means well, and I know how you feel, it's like would you just give me some space, but they all love you, that's why they are all over you.

As for smoking, it's really up to you girl, you know what smoking does, so it's not like you don't know. It would be wise if you did smoke, but then when there's stress some go back to smoking others drink, and well there's us, can't smoke drugs cause it's makes us worse, can't abuse the pills, because each one is for a different ailment, and then there's that inpending feeling, I'm going to scream blood murder soon, cause the stress is way too much, all of you who mean well, get off my back, just a little, cause I need to sort it all out.

Get some rest if you can, away from everyone. Try playing a mind game with yourself and if someone tries to interupt, tell them to wait, that you are in deep reflexion. They will all think your'e mind is going, but really it's just to laugh at them while you comtemplate what you are going to do next.

Good cheers to you, my friend, you will be ok, just one day at a time...... Think of that mind game, it's worth seeing their reaction, actually it's quite amusing.....


axxie - April 9

Ah dah, I'm a little dorky, here I wanted to say, stop smoking, and screaming bloody hell....

Dah my brain and fingers on the keyboard, can't keep up...... it's all that fibro, it's getting to me, it's the weather.... miserable......

My birthday on Sunday....... to all you Aries, lets keep ourselves amused.... whatever that may be.


rhapsody - April 11

Wow, you are really having a bad run of luck. I'm sorry! I'm not going to tell you to stop smoking, because honestly, I think I'd be sneaking a few by now too. In fact, I'm not giving you any advice, because you aren't soliciting any, You said you want to vent, so vent away. I'm listening. If you want to talk, we'll talk, if you just want to sound off, then by all means...

Hope you get on the mend soon!



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