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I'm thinking of returning to work, but not sure
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axxie - April 9

Hi everyone, here's my story, I would like to return to work, but I still can't do a full day, my doctor said I could go in to my regular job which they have held for me, since I've been sick, you know the government jobs. The problem, I see is I'm afraid of having anxiety attacks and I'm worried, that I won't be able to do much. The simple things, like reading an email, if it's long and I'm searching for clues will be very difficult for me, as I seem to not being able to focus. Then I have the problem with retaining information, I do better when I'm rested. I can continue on my disability and they will support me if I return to work I'm likely to get pissed off and blow off some stem if I get upset, if someone calls me and what to drag me down and they start to scream and it's personal call, I just hang up, because I can't seem to be able to handle that situation.

Any advice


newbie09 - April 9

Hi axxie
I am new to this forum but like you I am trying to get back to work. I was only diagnosed last year. You did not said when you stop working or how long you've had this illness?
I tried a reduced work day starting with 2 hours a day last year but was unsuccessful. I am now on my second attempt, so far ok but I wouldn't say it is easy at all. A lot of the mornings I wait up and all the symptoms of flu are there and I've tried to ignore these..for me they do subside but as soon as I sit down I don't want to move and my legs feel like jelly.
However foggybrain is not too bad a symptom for me so far in comparison. This is all at the expense of no life other than work and rest I suppose it will depend on what your priority is..hope this is useful.


axxie - April 10

Hello newbie09, thanks for the post, I think I have decided, that I may try to work, 4 hours for two days and see if I can up it. I'm not sure if I can do a full week.

I'm hoping by returning to work, and I watch myself carefully and eat right and take all my meds and vitamins, that I'll be in the swing of things again.

Somehow I have this little doubt in the back of my head, saying I don't think so!

At least I would have tried a valiant effort if nothing else and see if I can work from home, with something easy. I just don't know what yet?


newbie09 - April 10

That's the spirit axxie!
Nothing venture nothing gain..just listen to your body and see how it goes, ok.
I must admit that work keeps me feeling that I am 'reasonably normal' even though it is hard day to day. But ask me again in a few months and the answer may be totally different.ha2 or is it sob2? Take care and keep in touch of your progress. x


Fantod - April 12

Yes, I think you should continue on your disability. Why add to an already difficult situation? If you are not going to be able to do your job on the most basic levels like reading and comprehending an email, than it is not time for you to go back.

As far as I can determine, the only thing that you will probably accomplish is making yourself sicker by bringing on a flare due to stress.

I can certainly understand the need to be productive and have the opportunity to interact with other adults. I have not worked in about 3 years and I miss a lot of things about it. That being said, I know that I simply can not work. I would be unreliable in the extreme on most days. I try to keep myself busy with other things that I can manage and/or put aside if I get frustrated.

Be grateful for anything that you can do and have enough sense to walk away from the things that will complicate your life. I hope that my comments are helpful to you in some way. Take care.


axxie - April 13

Fantod, thanks for the great advice. I have been thinking that I could do it, if I did this and that.

Thanks for all your advice and your precious and positive comments.

I hate to say it, but I have serious doubt of me ever returning to work, so I will taking my place at home and doing what I can when I can and focus on my health.



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