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i'm really feeling low
6 Replies
joebenbeth - April 26

hi everyone sorry i haven't been one for a while just been feeling really low still no meds for me and haven't got any where with the housing problem
spent most of today crying and hating myself as i haven't really got any thing to cry over just need some t.l.c. i guess hope you are all doing well and love to you all x


January - April 26

Hi joebenbeth. Sorry you still have the medical and housing problems! What set you off today and how come you're beating up on yourself? (You have to stop that!) It must be pretty frustrating if things haven't come together yet….


kvc33 - April 26

SUPER BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!!!! It's good to cry and let it out, it helps to relieve stress so congratulate yourself for doing that. Some people won't allow themselves to cry and that is destructive. YOU ARE LOVED.


Fantod - April 27

joebenbeth - I was wondering how things were going for you. You have so much to handle as it is never mind your own health problems. Keep your head up and try to stay positive. Whinging and carrying on will only make all of your health issues worse. You have to keep it together for the kids if for no other reason. Things are going to get better. You are not alone. I'm really glad that you let us know how badly you are feeling so we can lend a hand. I hope this message finds you feeling stronger and in a better place emotionally. Hugs.


joebenbeth - April 27

i think every thing has finally caught up with me and to top it all my husbands grandad is in hospital and it isn't looking good so emotions are all over the place and i never let the kids see me cry as i know it will upset them which in turn makes me worse but i do feel abit better todaythanks for the hugs and i'm sending one back to you all and by the way my name is leigh x


January - April 28

Hi leigh -- it's weird, but sometimes bad luck seems to come in bunches. The main thing to remember is that it will all let up just as quickly as it came. I know platitudes don't help much while you're going through it though… hang in. Wishing you the very best.


joebenbeth - May 3

hi everyone things have gone from bad to worse for me recently i got a letter from the council bout my medical appeal and guess what they refused it yet again saying they don't see how moving would better my problems as im in a house and moving to another house with an extra bed room wouldn't benefit me (they must be joking right) and i had someone view my place for a possable exchange only to be told they found some where else closer to where they already live so feeling really low but i surpose i'll bounce back like i always do just giving up on moving now and try and deal with the day to day life love to all xxx leigh



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