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I'm Preggers! Again! : )
8 Replies
Canada17 - June 8

Ok, so I'm pregnant again. Though I vowed one was enough and I didn't want to do it again, The Fates apparently had other plans. Along with God and Mother Nature it appears.

So, I went to a clinic (because like so many in this great country of mine I don't have a family doctor). He said he had to do a physical. I was like, whatever, just do it and send me to an OBGYN.

He asked me all kinds of questions, including - "Do you suffer joint pain, or pain in any part of your body like your lower back, etc.?" I'm like, yeah, that's Fibro. He asks if I have stomach problems, I say, "Yeah, I have IBS though and that's related to my Fibro". So he starts poking me and asking, "does that hurt?". About 99.9% of the places he pushed hurt. The only place that didn't hurt was the one place he said most pregnant women experience pain. hahaha!

I had already explained to him that I had Fibromyalgia and he gave me a puzzled look like he had heard it before but didn't know what it was. (Mind you, he also had never heard of triple-negative breast cancer...that came up when he asked if anyone in my family has had breast cancer and my mom has it).

I'm up on the table and he's poking all around my butt and my lower back and hips. So after several "Ow, that hurts" and flinches because of sharp pain, he asks me:

"How do you make it through the day with this much pain? How do you get up and go to work everyday and take care of a kid and do everything that life requires?" I guess he's really out of touch with Fibro because that is probably one of the most insensitive things he could have asked me as so many of us struggle with keeping a balance and living life to its fullest.

So I say to him: "I just push through, I have to. What are my options? I'm really not all that bad considering how much so many other people with Fibro suffer" He didn't know what to say to that.

At least he didn't tell me the pain was all in my head but man did I surprise him with the amount of pain a seemingly healthy looking woman could be in.

I wish I had a family doctor. I could have saved a lot of time. He sent me for a whole blood work up too, with fasting. Man do I hate fasting since I suffer from hypoglycemia when I'm hungry. And, I checked with the ONGYN, turns out I don't have to fast until like 27 weeks when they do a test and if it comes back high for glucose then they send you for a fasting blood test for gestational diabetes.

Anyway, I'm happy I'm pregnant, even though it scares the sh!t out of me! And, sometimes you get a doctor who has never heard of Fibro who is just blown away with what you go through on a daily basis.

At the end of the appointment he says to me, "You know, your back pain will likely get worse with pregnancy." I felt like saying, "You think I don't know what pain is?" lol poor guy, he was so lost with me!


Noca - June 8

Congratulations on the new life! I am sorry your doctor didn't know what its like to live in pain all the time, but few clinic doctors do.


Fantod - June 8

Congratulations on your pregnancy!


ptalana - June 9

Congratulations on the new blessing to your family.


Canada17 - June 9

Thank you, everyone!


tnichel - June 9

Wow. Doctors like that scare me!!! But thanks for the laugh. At least he nice even if the poking and produce wasn't. lol. But congratulations on your latest little blessing. I hope you have as good of a pregnancy as possible.


Canada17 - June 11

After an ultrasound to check how far along I am (because my periods are iffy), my OB was a little concerned. She ordered some blood work and asked me to come in right away. That freaked me out a little.

Turns out I dropped two eggs!! WTF!!??

Ok so I am now in one of three situations:

1) It's an ectopic pregnancy and I have to watch if I faint or have sharp pains, I need to go straight to emergency because that could kill me. Literally.

2) I'm pregnant and having just one baby. Or;

3) I'm pregnant and having twins!!

We know I'm preggers. And, my blood work is in line with an inter-uterine pregnancy. She said it is very rare to have one inter-uterine and one in the tube but it does happen, 1 in 50,000; I don't want to be that unique.

Twins though!!??? I don't even have twins in my family!! But, if I've been dropping two eggs on the regular, that might explain why my hormones have been so insane!


tnichel - June 11

This from the woman who thought she was done! You and your husband have been busy. lol. Twins?! That would great news. I will keep you & baby(ies) in my thoughts and prayers (if I can get them out before nodding off. I think God will forgive me. I can't be the only one that does that). Anywho, I'll be praying for the best outcome possible. Keep us posted!


Canada17 - June 14

LOL I WAS done!

Thanks for the support. I have more tests this week. Everything feels ok. No excessive cramping or anything like that. The "morning sickness" is actually a lot better than in my first pregnancy, and considering I'm busier now that's a real blessing.

The prenatal vitamins are giving me diarrhea though. I think they may have a laxative in them. I guess it didn't really bother me in my first pregnancy because I was chronically constipated! lol the joys of pregnancy! hehehe



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