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I'm new here and fed up with doctors
4 Replies
coophouse - January 14

I was diagnoised FM in 96', but have worked through the pain, tiredness, etc. started off with Amitriptyline, then onto strong anti- confulsion drugs for severe stabbing head pain which side effects were alot worse. I went to a herbalist who was very good and got me feeling I could manage everything but alas it became very expensive due to travelling etc.
I have been off medication for several years now keeping fit as possible going to the gym etc, but in Sept I was struck with a big breathing problem have had lung and heart scan they were ok, but the problems still go on. Docs wont give me anything to help because they dont know whats causing it, and have dismissed other pains I'm having at moment. I'm so fed up, anyone else having this problem. I have a phsyio appoint tomorrow to help with breathing they say dont know how that will go. Been off work for 17weeks


Amyloo - January 14

Hi, Can you explain exactly what your breathing problem is, or feels like? Do you feel like you cannot get enough air in your lungs when you are breathing? This is known as "air hunger". Amy


trici35 - January 14

If you have'nt had a chest cat scan you should ask for one. sometimes they show stuff that a normal x-ray don't pick up on. Best of luck.


coophouse - January 14

I get out breath when walking uphill, going up stairs and when physicaly doing things, more if I have been bending down.Feels like I'm getting crushed. The doc said I was hyperventilating for some reason,plenty of oxygen. At the beginning it affected my speech but thats better now.
When turning in bed at times it seems an effort, this has been constant for 17 weeks now . I do have sore ribs also along with the many other pains.


Clay2Fame - January 15

Tightness in my chest and difficulty breating (getting enough air in) was my first symptom. My doctor initially sent me for a chest x-ray to see if there was a problem with my lungs and/or heart. The x-ray came back normal. The pain in my chest then moved to my ribs and later to my neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, elbows and lower back. I don't think a lot of doctors know what to do with fibro patients. Symptoms are severe and many are present but we often can't technically prove it. I still get bouts of chest discomfort (and even lose my voice sometimes) when exposed to such things as cigarette smoke, any kind of smoke, cleaners or heavy perfumes.



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