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I'm in love....
13 Replies
tnichel - February 24

with my new heated blanket! OMG! I don't know why I waited so long to get one. I slept on it last night and I felt rested with hardly any aching or stiffness when I got up. The only potential issue is getting hot while sleeping. I like it to be cold but it's really working. Anywho, if you haven't tried one give it a shot. I got the last one at walmart for 20 dollars. It was orginally about doubling your excitement...a steal and a good night's rest? I just wish it always like that!!!


ptalana - February 25

tnichel, thanks for the info on the heating blanket. I've been considering trying one for ages now, I would love to be able to get more than 3-4 hrs sleep.
Just wandering what kind of mattress you use? I can't get comfy on ours anymore. The 3-4 hrs of sleep I get are filled with tossing and turning constantly waking up, when I turn to my left side it triggers my vertigo:( I'm sooooo tired....
Hope this day finds you well, Patty


white chocolate - February 25

Yes, I have an electric blanket..One that's safe to leave on a low setting and sleep safely on it all night. When I get into bed it's like a little oven..wonderful for sore muscles and aches even if I have to throw the top cover off, it's the heat from the heated blanket I'm lying on that's giving my aching body relief. Absolute Bliss!!
I went a step further a few months back & purchased a heated seat cover for the car..marvelous.. Gentle Hugs To All x


belle1329 - February 25

i purchased a new memory foam pillow for about 50 dollars regular 119, ( I had a 25$ gift card also) It was great for about a week slept great no sweats and few wake ups..... and now haveing a sever flare up. I take jacuzzis before bed which helps a great deal also, but nothing helped last nite and I was waking up with nite sweats, but was freezin in the am when I had to get out of bed :( I feel like Ive been hit by a truck all day today :( Im happy the blanket works for you and hope it continues. :) let me know, maybe ill even try that, Ill do almost anything :( gentle hugs


Noca - February 25

I got a heated car seat, works great. Had a heated blanket for my bed too but that went MIA.


tnichel - February 28

Hi pltana. I use a regular match right now. I'm getting a new one next week. Not sure what kind but I like the pillow tops. You can also by a heated matress pad opposed to a blanket. I promise, you'll love it!

My heated seats in my car went out. I've been mourning that for a year now. Maybe I'll purchase one. Thanks guys!


solanadelfina - February 28

Mmm, what a wonderful deal! I have a heated mattress pad and I loooooooove it, especially way up here with the cold winters.

Heated car seats? Are those covers or are they entire special seats? That would be really nice when it's negative teens in MN January.


Noca - February 28

solanadelfina mine is just a cover, but my last car, an Audi, had leather heated inbuilt seats. Came with 6 different settings too. I've been mourning the loss of those seats too...


Fantod - February 28

I have an electric blanket but it drives me crazy if I have both sides on. Now I only turn on the side closest to the window which is drafty. I like the heat but with both sides turned on I find myself waking up more than usual. And, whoever invented heated car seats should get a medal - love them!


AmandaEffy - March 1

I got one at New Years and it's the best thing I've gotten since my shiatsu massage chair thing. I sometimes get a bit over in love with it and leave it on and wake up in the middle of the night sweating. Defo worth the €30 I spent on it


LadyHaelach - March 7

oh I completely agree with you.. I love my heated mattress pad.. it is heavenly.. when my flare ups hit.. i just crawl into bed and turn it on and cover up and let the heat melt the pain away.. I cant sleep without it


ptalana - March 8

Noca I also miss my Audi and it's great heated seats. I literally drove that car till it's doors fell off, lol!
Sadly I lost my licence after fainting behind the wheel:( And due to my not being able to work had to sell my Honda crv. Just seeing it in the driveway gave me a glimmer of hope that one day I would be behind the wheel again.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend, Patty


chasmodai - June 21

omg, this made me laugh! Last night I could not get comfortable and heated up a sock with rice in it in the microwave (called a hot socket) and slept on it sooooo goood.


Stacey373 - June 22

How funny! I was just thinking last night how AWESOME my heated mattress pad is and how I sleep SO much better with it now! Best money i ever spent! Even though it's summer now, here in the Great Northwest it's still pretty cold. I literally haven't seen the sun more than a few hours in MONTHS! but even with the temps starting to warm up a little, I still use my heated mattress pad. Not sure what I will do once summer really does come and it's super hot upstairs in my room...probably won't need to turn it on then...



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