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I'm brand new and seeking help and support.
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chellelee - February 11

Hi everyone. I haven't been diagnosed with fibro yet, but my family doc is setting me up an appointment with a rheumotologist. I am hoping I can give my symptoms to see if you all think this is what it is.
I have terrible fatigue. Inability to lose weight, have gained 10 - 15 lbs very quickly. About 5 of those was within 4 days. I know that's not food weight. Because, I have (prior to the symptoms starting) loss 80 lbs since my 2 year old was born. I have had severe and inability to produce a bowel movement on my own for 8.5 years. I have to take laxative or I do not go. I have lost my energy, my throat stays sore or feels swolen. My neck, shoulders and upper back ache like I just want someone to touch me or massage me ALL OF THE TIME, and my lower back on the sides, right at my hips hurts so badly often. I have numerous sinus infections, and no "libido" if I may say. I work out 6 days a week and eat a decent diet, and over the pass month a great diet. I am alone. I feel desperate for answers. I have had my thyroid checked and they said it was "normal". I'm starting to lose faith in medicine. Please help me. Any advice, suggestions, PRAYER, would be wonderful. Oh, and I've noticed that my breathing is difficult and it's hard to take in a "deep breath". I also burn in the muscles of my chest. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it.


chellelee - February 11

ps, I also have panic attacks, anxiety attakcs, and I have had these strange headaches that makes me drop to the floor. I don't know what they are, but they shoot straight from my neck up to the top of my head, but most of the pain rests in the "back" of my head. They are weird. They were so bad at times I had to have a mri to rule out a possible anuerism (sp).


JJ1 - February 13

I have similar symptoms. I also had a rapid weigh gain - I gained about 20 or 30 pounds over a 3 - 4 month period with no change in diet or excercise over that time. None of my doctors seemed to concerned about this. I think they just think when they see a middle age woman put on some pounds that it is normal slowing of metabolism or poor diet and excercise habits. My weight has not increased since then, but there is nothing I can do to take it off. I also get the sore throat feeling and feel like I am getting the flu. And I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a common side effect or co-condition wiht Fibromyalgia. It probably wouldn't hurt to see a gastroenterologist about the bowel problems, though, so they can rule out other more serious problems. A lot of us had our thyroids checked and they came back normal -- there seems to be some doubts about the methods used to test thryoid condition and whether the usual "normal" range is normal for everyone. I am probably going to see an endocrinologist to see if I can get something more definitive on the thyroid. Well, good luck. Hope you start feeling better. Are you on any meds?


jane doe - February 13

Hi- I hope you have read through the posts on this forum. I also hope you get a diagnosis, and if you don't, keep trying. I think you may be addicted to the laxatives, and you should talk to your doctor about getting off them. It will probably be a slow hard process, but that can't be good for you to be on them for 8 years!!! Good Luck.


tcmby - February 17

Welcome chellelee:) there are some really sweet supportive people in this forum, glad you found us. It can take a while to finally get a diagnosis... it took me 5+ years.... I hear that is about the average. my shoulders, chest & back are killer too.... I can totally relate to the throat & sinus issues.... It does feel desperate wondering what the hell is happening to your body, its scary. especially in the beginning when no one can give you any answers! It does sound like fibro to me. It really is a bit different for all of us... but just knowing that you are not alone can help soooooo much! Prayer is a great idea... lets all say one for each other... I need it too :)



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