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I'll take FMS symptoms for $200, Alex
4 Replies
RavenFax - June 25

Trying to keep the humor going. What humorus situation has one of ur symptoms gotten you into. Please list symptom if not obvious.

Mine. Balance
Was out trying to mall rat with a gay male friend of mine when getting off the bus I fell. Before I could even hit the ground the most incredably gallant and hansome man caught me and lifted me to my feet. tipped his hat and said have a nice day before walking off to continue his own travels. To this day my friend does not remember me falling only the Knight in Shining Armor.

Laughing it off


solanadelfina - June 25

I've told this story before on here, but I think you'll get a kick out of it. It deals with the hypoglycemic issues.

My mom made me a big batch of brownies using our first sugar substitute, Equal. While they were baking, I read the container. It said not to use Equal in hot foods since the heat would destroy the sweetness.


As soon as they were done, my brother came up to cut himself a huge piece and pop it into his mouth. Suddenly, he got a very disgusted look on his face and asked Mom if she changed the recipe. Sure enough, the sweetness was gone and all one could taste was bitter chocolate and flour and baking powder. Ugh!

So what does he do? Cuts a big piece to take down to my unsuspecting younger brother. What do Mom and I do? Follow to watch him eat it. ]:)


axxie - June 27

LOL, oh what a hoote this brother of yours.

Equal is nasty, no matter what you take, try real sugar or try Splenda or brown or cane sugars, deduct 1/3 of cup for every cup of white refined sugar.

Try maple syrup, the best, again less by 1/3 of cup and reduce temp of oven by 25 degrees.

Or visit Preparing Healthy Food: How to Modify a Recipe.


tnichel - July 1

Not sure if I told this one before. It happened last summer.I'd just picked up my nephew from the airport and was en route to drop him off at grandma's house. Well I stopped to get gas then drove off and headed for the atm machine at the bank. Just before I got on the highway I realized my cell phone was nowhere to be found.

I back tracked. Asked the clerk at the gas station if anyone had brought one in, searched the entire parking lot and went back to the bank. 20 minutes later and in full distress something told me to go back to the intersection. Sure enough, the cell was in the middle of the intersection in pieces. I had driven off with it on top of my car roof. Fortunately, it wasn't broken so I popped the battery in and was ready to be on my way. ]

But a woman rolled down her window and asked if I need help and if she should call police b/c she thought I had been in a wreck. Everyone at the intersection was eyeing me with curiosity. In the meantime my 12 year old nephew thought it was the funniest thing ever. I finally gave up and had a good laugh with him. When in Rome....


RavenFax - July 2


LOL! glad your phone didn't break. I can't tell you how many cups of starbucks I have lost that way. and many other things but the starbucks hurts the worst lol.




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