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i know its all magnesium but...
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mm30 - September 8

...which is more affective? oxide, nitrate, stearate etc etc.

i started taking magnesium oxide 250mg before i go to bed at night. . i havent been taking long but i am noticing some differences in my pains in joints and sleep.
i was hoping it would also help me with chronic IBS problems but i havent seen any difference there.
does anybody use for Ibs and if so what type and how much. i keep reading that women should only be taking up to 320 mg a day. but is that for someone with a healthy bowel movement etc.
i really feel if i could get my bowel someway sorted i wouldnt feel half as sluggish.
i also take aloe vera juice and acidopholus flaxseed and have a relatively healthy diet and try to avoid yeast.
any thoughts?




mm30 - September 8

just reading there epsom salts is magnesium sulphate.
i also looked up magnesium phosphate and they listed the benefits of it against so many problems that come with fibro.

still im confused i might give the phosphate a try.


Stacey373 - September 9

Hi M! I have no idea which one is better! I really think they must all be the same....they basically all do the same stuff, right? I do know when I bought mine there were only 2 options at the pharmacy. I can't remember what the 2nd one was called...but the pharmacist told me the oxide one was the better of the two.

I guess just use the one that you think will you give the best results. Have you asked your doctor what the differences are? maybe he can suggest which one will work the best for you. Or also try asking a pharmacist, they should be able to help with this. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Fantod - September 9

mm30 - I sent my nutrionist a message to see what she recommends. I'll let you know when I hear back.

In any event, whatever you end up using, it is going to take some time before you may see some results. Everything related to FMS does not show immediate improvement. It can take weeks, months or longer.

In the interim, I'm soglad to see you so engaged and participating on this site. You've come such a long way from where you started. I hope you give yourself credit for that given everything else that is going on in your life. Take care - your friends on this board are thinking of you.


deadgamegrrl - September 9

Hi all,
I just ordered the KAL malic acid w/magnesium from It doesn't list what kind of magnesium but it sounded like a good supplement. If anyone finds out the answer to max dosage for women please post. The dosage on this is 4 tablets per day for 500mg of magnesium. I figure I'll start w/2tabs a day and see how it goes.
I also ordered the Calms Forte since so many seem to have good results from it and I like to take as little xanax as possible.
Thanks for the recommendations.


mm30 - September 9

hi all,

thanks for the posts on this one.
my doctor prescribed me with movicol for my IBS which im starting today and i have the magnesium oxide here so i'll keep on with them and see how i go. i was taking 1 at 250mg but last night i took two but i had really bad tummy pains in the night. not sure if it was magnesium or just coincidence. any way i saw no results today if you know what i mean. so i'll try the movicol and back to my 250mg of mag as recommended on the pack.
doc didnt have much to say just to be careful with too magnesium = diaorhea ]:)
fantod thanks for your kind words. im trying - its great that i can ask a question in here even if it might be a silly one.. if you hear back from your nutritionist that would be great.
from what i have read magnesium phosphate isnt absorded as easily as oxide thus creating a laxative affect.

i got a couple of knock backs on a few teaching positions today. time of the year the jobs seem to have been snapped up. still i got to try and keep the chin up and ill try again tomorrow. maybe something really good will come up.
please god.


Fantod - September 9

I haven't heard anything yet. She is busy and I am leaving on holiday in the morning. If I don't have a response before I leave, I'll see if one has come in while I was away. Take care.


mm30 - September 9

oh lovely have a great time away. somewhere warm i hope ;D


Fantod - September 10

mm30 - Sorry, I've had no response and now have one foot out of the door to go on holiday. I will see if I can get an answer when I return home. Take care.



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