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I just don't understand this....
13 Replies
Stacey373 - November 28

Hello - As some of you may remember, I haven't been doing so well the last few months. I couldn't figure out whether I was getting worse, or my meds weren't working anymore, or whether this was just a really long flare up, or what the heck has been going on!

In amongst all of this I had 4 days where I felt great....don't know why...don't know what happened. I've been slowly feeling better now I'm thinking I was just going through a flare that happened to last forever (at least it sure felt like forever!)

Well then yesterday I woke up and was feeling okay....I was able to get some errands done and still felt okay. This morning I woke up and I feel fantastic! I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY!!! I didn't even take any pain meds until about 4 hours after I woke up....I usually take them first thing.

Is this just how Fibro really works? I've learned alot about this illness....but I can't wrap my brain around this one thing....WHY do I suddenly feel so good? I feel like there is something I'm missing and if I can find what it might be, maybe I can have more of these days in the future.

Or is it just one of those things where there is no explanation and I should just appreciate that I get a good day and hope I get another one tomorrow?

Any suggestions would be appreciated...Stacey :o)


kvc33 - November 28

Have you ever had a sleep study done Stacey? It could be that some nights you are getting the deep sleep you need and other nights you are not. From what I know all illnesses wax and wane. People have good days and bad days and can't put it down to anything. There is a program called the Gupta programme that uses deep breathing, meditation, visualization and a thought stopping technique to change the brain and therefore the illness. I am NOT saying that our illness is imaginary, simply that we can influence our brain chemistry with certain techniques that may help with pain and illness. Dr. Gupta calls what you are experiencing "glimpsing". The good days are an example of what could be every day.


Fantod - November 28

Stacey373 - I've had one completely pain free day in three years. I felt absolutely great for a solid 24 hours. I thought I was having an out of body experience. I could never figure out what caused it. Frankly, I didn't waste time on that exercise. I just accepted it, enjoyed myself and hoped that it might happen again sometime. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to FMS. You'll probably never know why you feel so great today. Just enjoy it while it lasts. Take care.


Noca - November 28

I've had about 5 of those days this year so far. Never knew why.


Stacey373 - November 29

I actually told my son today that maybe if I didn't have fibro, this is how I would feel every day. I guess I was just hoping to try to figure this out and maybe get some sort of explanation.

Instead I will just appreciate it for what it is.

Kvc - Thanks for the info...I will have to look into that...

Take Care Everyone and I wish we ALL could feel this way EVERY day....Stacey :o)




I am soo glad you are feeling good! I can't remember the last time I had a GOOD DAY.. Even a day with little pain.. :( But that is alright, I am learning how to deal.

Wish you plenty more good days to come!

Talk to you soon


pam80 - November 30

Stacey- I'm glad to hear that you are feeling good- I hope it stays that way!



Stacey373 - November 30

Thanks Pam and JC! I started my period, so I guess my "good days" are over with. but that's okay...I was able to get a lot done and I'm hoping to have some more good days once I'm done with this.

I'm sorry to hear you're still not doing well, JC. I wish there was same way to "share" my good days with you! How about next time I take 1 day and you can have the 2nd one! LOL




I am just glad you had some pain free days. Do not worry about me, I am a fighter and will continue to do what needs to be done.

I finally got my internet hooked up at home again, so I will be able to keep in touch more.

Hope you have a good day :)



Stacey373 - November 30

I was wondering what happened to you! I'm glad you're back! I'm still willing to share my good if anyone knows how to do that...let me know! LOL



Yeah, it has been an interesting couple of months. I apologize for losing touch for a minute. I am back and will stay in touch.

ps. I would LOVE to have one of your good days. Let me know when/if you find out how to transfer those days! lol

I will talk to you soon


Stacey373 - December 1

As soon as I figure it'll be the first to know! LOL

Take Care....


duhda75 - December 1

Yay for you Stacey. How wonderful a PAIN-FREE day! I would give anything to have a pain-free day with my kiddos. They deserve it, and so do I. Well, heck I hope we all have a pain-free day soon.

I am to hear that your flare has passed:)


Stacey373 - December 2

Thank you Duhda! It didn't last long....but I'm thankful for even a day or two.



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