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I hurt so bad!!!
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Dixelanddelight1 - October 3

Sorry so long but here goes....

Back in Dec 2006 I had fallen off a curb. About 3 weeks later I started having really bad headaches to the point I was in severe pain. I went to see my sinus dr thinking it might have been a sinus headache since I had already had sinus surgery a couple years ago. He said everything was ok and checked my BP. It was really high. Went to my GP and he put me on BP meds and sent me to a neurologist. I went to see the neurologist to find out why I was having these headaches. he said i had migranes and kept giving me medications. I knew it was something more than migranes because I havent been sensitive to light, noise or anything of the like. Did several MRIs on my head and came back normal. I went to see an optomologist, my GYN..Nothing there. Got so bad that I was going to work one morning and had a headache and swerved into one lane and almost hit a car head on. Another day had to be brought home from work. Another day had to call my husband and stepdaughter to come get me cause i couldnt finish driving home from work. This neuro refused to put me outta work "just because of a migrane". My husband called and told him if anything happens to me that he will hold him responsible. The neuro sent me a letter in the mail saying that he couldnt see me no more because of the "general threats" that my husband had made.

So I went to another neuro. He also said I had migranes and kept putting me on more medications and took me off the BP meds. I started getting really bad pains in my neck and my upper back and started going into my lower back. Asked for an MRI on my neck and showed normal. They wouldnt do anything w/my back until i got my headaches taken care of. I got tired of hearing I was having migranes cause of other problems i was having w/hurting in my neck, shoulders and back.

I went to see a internal medicine dr and he put me in the hospital for 4 days. They gave me meds for migranes still. I kept hurting in my back and nothing would be done. Got out and on my paperwork they had Migranes and Depression. Only reason they had depression was because i had been on antidepressants and i told them i was not depressed. Well I saw another neuro while i was in the hospital and saw him one time after i got out. He said i was having migranes and told me that my back and neck would not affect my head to cause headaches and told me, (his exact words) "Do not call me just because of a headache". So i never called him back.

I started seeing my chiropractor in may that i have seen for 14 years. Well I woke up one morning and i couldnt move my neck at all. called my Internal medicine dr and he got me in and said that my neck was straight and did not have the natural curve and sent me to physical therapy that did not help.

I called a college that is 4 hours from me that is the best in the state. They got me up there and i had an EMG and NCS. They both came out ok. I went to see a neuro up at the college and he told me i was having tension headaches and not migranes. I then had an MRI on my lower back. He found out that I have Degenerative disc disease, scolosis, bulging disc, and artritis in my facet joints. Ive been hurting by this point throughout my body...meaning head, neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, legs, having pins and needles in my hands and feet, sharp shooting pains down my hips and into my legs and so on. The dr told me that I needed to go to a neurologist to check on neuropathy or MS, I need to go to a pain dr for facet blocks and go to a rhumatologist to see about fibromyalgia, He said that there is a very very good possibility that I have fibromyalgia because of all of the pain i have and then I have Irritable bowel sydrome and mitral valve prolapse. He said that alot of the patients w/IBS and MVP and the joint and muscle pains i have will have fibromyalgia. I have swelling in my hands, fingers and feet and am always tired even after i have gotten enough sleep for a normal person. I also wake up in the mornings and have a hard time moving or even going. I havent even been able to do the things i used to enjoy. I am only 33 years old.

I have missed more time off this year of work than i have even been able to go to work. I am on the verge of losing my job. I now have an appt w/a rhumatologist on the 29th of oct. I am also trying to get into a fibromyalgia study and see if they can help me.

Does any of this sound like fibromyalgia? I have started getting depressed because I cannot get any answers. The dr's where I live I feel like are quacks and only want what they can get. Does anybody have any suggestions?

I have missed yesterday and today of work because I am hurting so bad its not funny.




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