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I have returned to work, my continuing saga
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axxie - December 8

Hi my friends, as you all know I started working again, (sometimes I think, it wasn't the right decision). But it's too late, I have committed.

OK, so I only work from 8:30 to 1:30 p.m. three days a week, monday, wednesday and friday. I am in a stress free environment, they gave me underground parking (that helps in the winter) if you know what I mean.

I am tabulating a list of symptoms that I had or will have due to stress and see how my body reacts.

May I say something to Fantod, I should have listened to you, and I might go on permanent disability.

I have problems getting to sleep at night, therefore I am not getting enough sleep, but I do wake up (not easy) and do get dress and do go to work. When I'm driving I keep saying to myself it's ok, you are almost there, and I'll be ok. It's a long drive and I do have problems with my back by the time I get there.

I have really nice people surrounding me and do care about my health and they have put me in an office that is calm, not much movement. Therefore the office noise is kept to a minimum.

I keep searching things and re-doing things, either I don't like what I have done or I find by the afternoon prior I had no clue what kind of work that I did, and must do it over again, because I make stupid mistake.

How in the hell I'm I suppose to write material and do research if I'm constantly changing my mind and not remembering the day before where my thought's where going.

Another thing, is, I keep going shopping and have moments of I don't know why I came shopping and everything I look at or want to buy, I'm indecisive. Does this happen to you all.

I do find it's good to get out of the house and contribute a bit to society. I feel proud and tired after I return home but feel I am having all kinds of flares creeping up, I know it's all about the stress I'm putting on myself.

Anyone have some easy way to work out my stress or me going to work..... it's greatly appreciated.

Everytime I make spaghetti sauce, it never taste the same, because I always change the recipe.... damn I lost my recipe again.... well, it's ok, I havent' left the cake out in the



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