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i have all the systoms !!
6 Replies
teresaculver - August 24

i need a Doctor very bad iam goin crazy,i dont have insurance or any money,please what do [email protected]


barker - August 23

are you in the US? damn medical insurance! it should be covered... can you go to a free clinic somewhere?


AKFlyfisher - August 23

Rather than let a clinic run up a huge bill on MRI, Catscan, $$$bloodwork, I would make a list of your symptoms, mention you go to this FM forum and ask for Elavil to help your sleep and or pain, just a suggestion. The good thing, Elavil is a CHEAP drug still, a month is only around $8.00. Might be $20 without insurance. I take 50mg nightly before bed and it is the only one out of all the anitdepressents that helped me sleep and pain. You will gain almost 20lbs after taking this drug for awhile though. Good luck to you.


TERESA - August 23

I don't have INS either & I make less than 12,000 a yr. I live in MO & we have clinics in my area that see you @ a reduced price based on your income. I don;t know if you have this in your area but yoou should ask around, ccall your local ER, they should be able to tell you. To get a diagnosis of FMS you will have to go through some tests to rule out other diseases, but if they know you don't have money or INS they keep to tests to the minium believe me! You should go in with a list of symptoms, when they began & how they are effecting your life. I don't think you should ask for any meds though, let the Dr diagnosis & treat. Many Drs have a "God complex" & get their noses out of joint if you ask for something specfic! Do your research & try to stear them gently in your direction if you think they are not on your page. Some of the meds for FMS are covered by the drug companies & you may be able to get them free! Hope this helps!


JJ - August 23

My Elavil (generic version - amitriptylin, 25 mg tablets take 3/day) is $16.95 for a one month supply without insurance, $10.00 with.

However, I would not recommend taking medication when not under the care of a doctor. Elavil does have side effects and my doctor monitors me through complete blood counts two times per year.


Lynne - August 24

If you are in the USA there are several resourses you have to find which you qualify for I do not know your situation, most places will work on a self pay basis. I had to have an mri with insurance 1473.00 self pay 460.00 USA go figure why insurance premimuns are so high........http://www.fibrom


jake - August 24

I feel for you guys. up here in canada, its all free. that is bullshit, you guys are the richest country in the world. GW is an asshole!!!!



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