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bmcgovern - May 20

I went to the doctors on Tuesday and have gotten some test done, but my doctor also thinks i have IBS and she wants to put me on a Anti-Depressant for it for the Serotonin. Has anyone been on a anti-depressant for this? I am not sure which one it is yet. I don't ever take any prescriptions and am a bit nervous to.


Noca - May 20

Never heard of using an antidepressant for IBS. Maybe if your doctor is thinking your anxiety aggravates your IBS then it may make sense.


tnichel - May 21

I too have ibs. While i have not heard of anti-depressant treating ibs I do know you want to be on the least amount of meds to treat your condition. This how my pain doc explained it to me. He said you have to get the ibs under control b/c it and fms plays off of one another creating an endless cycle. Don't worry to much about taking an anti-depressant. Most of the time the doctor will prescribe it but will give you a lower dose than what is used to treat depression and other mental disorders. I say giveit a shot if you trust your doctor. You won't believe how different you'll feel when you're not running to the bathroom every 5 minutes and having severe abdominal pain. Just stress you want to start out on a low dose. Good luck!


ptalana - May 21

Hi bmcgovern, I personally haven't been prescribed anti depressants for my Ibs, this probably has to do with the severe reaction I get from them. I have read that they are prescribed for Ibs in affecting the uptake of serotonin, since 95% of the production of serotonin is found in the gut. Anti depressants can increase your pain threshold in regards to the severe abdominal cramping that's related to Ibs. They can also increase or decrease the rate of gastrointestinal contractions(depending on the class of drug) which can alter bowel function such as diarrhea/constipation. Most patients suffering with constipation will not be treated with ant-depressants as these can exacerbate these symptoms. Similarly it has be shown to be very effective with treating diarrhea. It all depends on which symptoms you experience.
I would discuss your concerns with your doctor. At some point or another you will most likely have to take some prescribed med when dealing with fibro and its many associated conditions.
Please keep us updated.
Take care, God bless, Patty:)


axxie - May 21

I have actually heard of treating IBS with antidepressant. My own specialist who treats me for IBS was remarking that the best way to treat IBS was with antidepressant. Its not a cure, only helps manage your IBS better.

I would go back and ask your doctor what she means, she will explain. As you well know, you are your only best advocate, so better speak up and ask questions. If at first you don't get the answer you are looking for, then ask again and explain you need to understand, before you accept new medication.
It does help to talk to your doctor.


Fantod - May 21

Yes - I have heard of this treatment. If you Google "IBS anti depressant" you can find quite a bit of information about it. It is an effective treatment and may reduce your symptoms and discomfort. The drug is given in a low dose to treat IBS. If you have concerns or are not understanding why the doctor is recommending this treatment ask them to give you a clear explanation. I hope that is will be an effective treatment for your problem. Take care.


bmcgovern - May 21

Thank you everyone for your comments. I go to the doctor is two weeks and that's when she want's to put me on it. She is wanting to do it for the serotonin. I will for sure ask questions and hope it is a low dose and that i don't have a reaction. I have a sensitive stomach so medicine makes me nervous. I will give it a shot to see if it does help and i also have irritability so maybe it will help that also so it could be a good thing. I will keep you updated when the time comes. Thanks. :)



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