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bmcgovern - February 27

When you have gotten a diagnosis and you are only taking natural medicine what do you say to your doctor about prescriptions? I only take natural medicine because i am sensitive to prescriptions. I just don't know what to say and i really don't want to be put on a crap load of prescriptions.


tnichel - February 27

You really need to inform your doctor of all the natural meds you take. Other drugs may interact with them even though they aren't prescription and potentially could be deadly. And since you are sensitive to meds, your doctor really needs to know what you take. That doesn't mean you can't say no to any meds he/she may suggest. At the end of the day you know your body and what's right for you. I'm not sure how long you've had fms but you will eventually get to the point where you'll have no problem speaking your mind to docs. That's what it took to get my doc to pay attention. Also, keep a list of your meds in your purse, including otc's in case, Heaven forbid, you have an emergency. Good luck!


Noca - February 27

Whenever someone is deciding to take a prescription medication they must ALWAYS weigh the benefits and risks. ONLY when the benefits outweigh the risks should someone take a medication.


Canada17 - March 1

The good news is that there isn't "a crap load" of prescriptions effective at treating Fibromyalgia (FM).

Basically, you need to be honest and frank with your doctor. You will quickly learn that if you don't speak your mind when you're there, you'll be making a list of your concerns for next time. It won't be long before you take charge of the appointment instead of waiting for the doctor to say something. He/she will be answering YOUR questions. : )

Don't be afraid to question the medications your doctor wants to put you on. Research them and make an informed decision based on your medical history as to whether or not you feel the benefits outweigh the risks. As good as they are, doctors can't know everything, especially if not a specialist. Even specialists don't have all the answers and considering so little is known about FM we have to be on our toes.

There is nothing wrong with going the natural root. However, if you can find medication that works for you, there is no reason why you should suffer needlessly if the natural way isn't quite cutting it. Prescriptions can be very safe when used properly. If you are sensitive, start off at the lowest dose possible and adjust from there. You will have to be patient, it can take time to figure out an effective course of action to treat FM. Just remember to keep an open dialogue with your doctor and a log of when you experience when taking a new medication. From there the you and your doctor can determine whether your side effects can be tolerated of if they are too adverse for you to continue.

I wish you luck.



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