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I have a lot of ? and some info that may be helpful
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Nicknack - March 8

About 8 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Depression. 6 yrs ago I had a nervous breakdown, which resulted in my being taken out of work and declaired disabled. It has been down hill sence.I refuse to sit and do nothing. I started helping friends with odd jobs and cleaning to earn some extra money, being a single mom on ssd dosen't work too good. 4 years ago I was told after two sleep studies I had sleep Apneia and now have a machine. 3 yrs later I was diagnosed w/ planter fascia, 2 yrs later having such a bad flair up I ended up having foot surgery. About 18 months ago I was told I had Cronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease (COPD). Now there saying I have FMS. Do I or Don't I is the question I have been trying to figure out. When I had the breakdown I had Electric shock therapy (ECT). Durring this I met a woman in a wheelchair who had FMS and was there for ECT. She went from a wheelchair to a walker after 3 or 4 treatments. I was diagnosed 6 months ago with FMS and Osteomalacia. Now I have a B12 and D defincency and get B12 shots every month. I am also taking Vitamin suplements every day.(getting harder to type/pain increasing) It started with my hands/arms and sometimes my feet going numb or fealing swollen and fealing akie all over. Having dificulty with simple things like doing the stairs, carring groceries, writing things, not comprehending things said to me, forgeting things, not to forget the constant nagging pain. It has become a bit more painful. Some days or times being worse than others, Increasing the more I do or the less I do. I am trying to find the happy medium. I have had to stop cleaning for others. I now have a cane but sometimes find it to be rough to use. If I don't then my legs will hurt more. If I do then my hands will cramp anf hurt more. Is there a happy medium with FMS? A friend gave me a book "The Fibromyalgia Relief Handbook" by Chet Cunningham. It says exercise is good but I find it really hard. My legs don't move like they use to and I hurts to lift my arms. (the more I lift the more the pain). I am only 46 but feal like I'm over 80. My mom was more active at 80 than I am most days. Will this get worse? Is this FMS? Will I end up in a wheelchair? What can I do to help me cope? I have lived in this second floor apt. for 14 years, I still pay the same rent. Should I move to a 1st floor? I'm afraid if I stop too much or try to make things easier that I will only loose more range of motion and get worse. Please Help!


cwatson - March 10

I have a friend that has very similar symptoms as you. She started taking Meloxicam, which didn't make her feel sick, and she feels like a new person. Hope this helps.



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