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I Feel so alone
9 Replies
Sandybeach - February 23

hi sat here typing n crying at the same time.just feel really down today.;like a black cloud hanging over me.even tho had a good nights sleep.i hate this it something we got to put up with?i dunno where or what to do next.sorry im going on a bit......hope everyone else is ok ?
roll on the summer.i cant wait and 11 weeks to go before i go on my holidays so hopefully something to look forward to.sorry to you all just needed a moan .xxxxxxx


toots2889 - February 23

Oh honey, i wish i could take it away from you. It sounds like your going through some tough times right now. Trust me when i say your not alone right now!! Theres alot of us going through some of this same crap(me included! I have no explaination for it, other than it a change in the earth or something thats causing it. I can tell you, this has been the most dibelitating winter i can recall. It has been total h---, from the word go. I just keep telling myself that ive made it through the worst of it already, so i can make it through the rest. Try and stay positive(which i know is a hard task)and tell yourself your gonna beat this MONSTER! You come on anytime you need to and vent, dont even think twice about it! Keep your head up, and make sure you smile at least once a day. It helps alot.



Sandybeach - February 23

big sigh from me today , lifes too tough for me right now feel like no one gives a dam and they think here we go again,she"s moaning again :(
good to know im not on my own.i know that thanx for ur reply on a day it means so lots to do n sat here down in the dumps.cant shake the feeling today.oooh im soooo sorry doubt i made anyone feel better today.xxxxxx


shelllc79 - February 23

Hi hun,
I can also feel your pain. I promise your not alone. Toots2889 is right. This has been a horible winter, for me also. But we are almost through it. Spring is knockin on the door. I know its easier for me too in the spring and sumer. Just keep your head up. Oh and it helps to vent, so vent


shelllc79 - February 23

Oh and I think we were writing at the same time. I just wrote a thread myself, high humidity.Its in the Fibro support topic. you should go read that too. then you'll know your not the only one. It realy make its it easier to know that.
God bless you and I hope you get to feeling better.


kvc33 - February 23

Try light therapy for the winter blues, it helps me. Also, start dreaming up a new project, however small. It's good to get your mind on something positive that you can do in the near future.


January - February 24

maybe it's the planet alignment for fibro folks! Or some geomagnetic force field that we're all sensitive to! I had horrible, scary nightmares the other night - now I'm gonna be up all night again, I can tell. This is the anniversary of a death that hit me hard. Worried about losing another one too. I guess it's OK to feel blue, considering…

I can relate, toots, when this winter set in, I just didn't know how I would make it through, especially since the last one was so hard…. but we're almost done… almost.
But ohh, this last month, with the shooting pains in my teeth and my head; now my shoulder hurts. I'm so sick of doctors I've got PTSD. I just hope it goes away.

Been doing great for a long while now, but tonight it all piled in on me. Everybody's asleep. : ( Thanks for listening… hope we all feel better tomorrow.


Sandybeach - February 24

January ...
always hard on anniversarys of peoples deaths,and we know we dont handle these situations as easy as other people,today i had a great day,went out to eat with my sister,then to look at a new car,so a bit brighter today,id like to give out my msn addy to people on here,but dont feel like posting my addy just publicly for all to see so is there another way?january please try to smile,it gets us through the day,i know difficult times challenge us in ways we cant imagine,yes i agree the last 2 winters have been really tough.And our fibro has really gotten us all down,but today here has been really nice weather,so i took advantage and have been out all day,something i havnt done in months,which has made me feel a bit better,these tougher times are sent to test us but we keep getting through it we us troopers do.Any way im thinking of you and hope you have better days to i hope everyone does too...take care oh feed back on my msn addy distribution would be welcomed..thank xxxxxxxxx


January - February 24

sandybeach, thanks so much for the support. really, thank you. Overall, I'm pretty good on my gluten free diet which really helps the depression. But there are those days when things just pile in on you… there have been some serious illnesses and deaths going on around me lately.

And maybe that's why this anniversary, which is an old one, got to me. It's really true that once you're gone, you're at peace, but it's the people left behind who grieve.

And I'm like you about the addresses. I was badly hacked several years back, so you do need to be cautious… especially on forums.

hugs and thanks.


Sandybeach - February 24

how do i get my addy to you all then? i know the sadness overcomes us at times but we got to think positive n try best we can to move into the next day a bit more stronger.any ideas on this addy thing anyone? xxxxx



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