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I feel like my neck is broken today
4 Replies
iliveinpain - July 15

Sitting here at work and hardly able to move because my neck is hurting so bad!!! Just wanted to say hi to everyone and hope we all have better days. It's just so reassuring to be able to come to this site and know that everyone here understands!!


Jules89 - July 16

I was just recently diagnosed after a million tests! I have known myself that it was fibro for a long time though. My neck is killing me today as well so don't feel alone. My worst pain is in my neck and not much helps. I have been given a prescription for cymbalta but I am afraid to take it because my body is so sensitive to meds. Do you take anything?


iliveinpain - July 16

Yes it's good to know we're not alone :) Actually my doctor mentioned cymbalta, but I'm not taking that right now. I'm taking 100 mg. of zoloft every day, and that is supposed to increase seratonin levels in the brain and relieve pain associated with fibro. Um, doesn't work, but going off of it is tricky. I've tried to go off it and you have to do it very slowly or you get pretty sick with nausea, dizziness, etc. I was taking 800 mg. of Skelaxin too but I started getting dizzy and developed a bad case of insomnia, so I had to stop that too. I'm pretty sensitive to meds too as you can tell. I'm basically just managing the best way I can with the zoloft and otc meds, massage therapy when I can afford to go, heat, rest when I can. I know I need to exercise more, but it's hard to stay motivated, especially when you are hurting.


belle1329 - July 16

I too have much pain in my neck . And am feeling it very much this week.


belle1329 - July 17

Hi everyone
I responded yesterday but could not finish. Im at work and today and yesterday, (today halfday)and had to do so much work, felt awful and need to stop to vent.
I felt awful all week, started my whole body then my neck all week, this morning I had the worst heartburn! I felt like I was having a heart attach, it still hurts and feels tight. But this has happened before and I feel it is the fibro, anyone else agree. Has anyone experienced this kind of pain, I feel my chest is full of gas but it also hurts in my arm. The neck pain seems better today, and I had alot of head pain, I believe I had sinus congestion. I took some decongestiant all day yesterday and advil and it helped some not half as bad as yesterday. When I bent over yesterday, My head throbbed.
I dont take any script meds for the same reasons Jules89, I too need more exercise but dont always want to, I know when I do it helps the pain. I feel better for days afterwords. I wish someone would make my husband understand that the air conditioning,is making matters worse! I cant take being cold . He love the air in the summer, I felt so cold the past few days I could not get warm,I kept a warm bathrobe on and a blanket and it is warm out but not hot, ( I live in RI) he shut it off but I still could not get warm. He does not understand how the cold effects me. Well just needed to vent, I have not been on in a while, and like everyone else need to talk to people who understand. I too Hope everyone is having better days :-)



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