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I feel like I have been put out to pasture
6 Replies
ItsmeWayne - January 31

Hi folks, I have not been dxed with fibro for very long and I am sure I have had it a long time. With many other problems including type 1 diabetes, arthritis and surviving cancer, I just feel like I have been put out to pasture. My Rhumy sent me to a pain specialist and it looks like other than drugging me out, there is nothing else that can be done. Unfortunately, I am and have been on SSDI for several years and fortunately I don't have to deal with getting dissability anymore. I just wish there was a way back to better health and a way to lose the pains.
Just venting, as I doubt there is any real way to get my energy back!
Itsme Wayne .... one of the few men dxed with this damn disease and hating it every day!


Sonja44 - February 3

Hi...some days are harder than others that's for sure! I just saw a Rhumy for the first time...didn't have one in the area until now. He has started with a bunch of tests. Getting blood from me is like getting blood from a turnip. It took 45 mins to fill 6 vials.

This year has been hard as I've been in a severe flare-up for 4 months. Thursday is my disability hearing and I'm nervous.

Venting helps...especially to those who truly understand what it's like living with this horrid illness. I try my best not to vent too much to friends and family...I may be in pain, but I don't have to be a pain ;-] LOL
Take care fibro friend.


axxie - February 7

Good lord, you have been through loads, well what I usually say when things don't go as plan, is, sometimes your the bug and sometimes your windchield. It's ok if you don't laugh or find it funny, I sort of have a very dry sense of humor, it's the fibro and all the tests, and being put out to pasture and trying to figure out what to do next. The one good thing we all have is this place to vent and ask questions. Once you have vented, you get to figure out that we all out in the same boat. Welcome to Fmily. It's ok, will all figure out what to do at some point or another. Keep the spirit up, we all need each other to help ourselves.


FibroGal - February 8

Hi, ItsmeWayne. My heart goes out to you. Be of good courage. I hear your frustrations to which I can relate. But I also hear a lot of strength. Venting and being validated here as well as getting encouragement from others is helpful. Have you thought about some kind of physical therapy, massage, or something like that?


Sonja44 - February 8

Massage Therapy (if you find someone reputable) is the best thing ever!!! If it hadn't been for my massage arms would be unmovable and still in horrible pain.

I had my disability hearing Thursday. I felt emotionally beat up by the end of it. I started crying while describe my symptoms (answering a question) and the judge yelled at me and threatened to stop the proceedings if I didn't stop crying. I was sobbing I thought his reaction was not appropriate. What's the point of yelling at someone when their crying?

I'm just glad it's over now...what ever is decided.

Someday they will find a cure...I do have hope for the future.


axxie - February 9

Sonja, gees, I hope the judge doesn't nix you for started crying. I have mine in early march, and to tell you the truth, I'm not looking forward to it. The last time I saw the doctor, I started crying for no apparent reason, just being so tired and not wanting anyone to talk to me. I hope you get good news, I'm rooting for you. Let us know whenever they decide.


Sonja44 - February 9

Thanks axxie. Looks like I wrote that I WAS sobbing uncontrollably when I meant to write...I was NOT sobbing uncontrollably. Either way, I was treated like a blithering idiot.

What date is your hearing? so, I can send + thoughts your way on that day. have real strength and courage! Living with illness(s)...well, its not easy by any stretch of the imagination. But, it is as it is. We are with you in spirit because we all know the struggle...the internal and external struggles...of daily life with chronic pain and fatigue.



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