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I feel like everything is swollen...anybody else?
4 Replies
kaime - April 19

I am so depressed right now...I have been going to the dr since Jan. with low grade fever, glands swollen, and the symptoms of a bladder infection...well, in Jan. he put me on antibiotics and it went away. Then about 2 weeks ago, it started again. I am on antibiotics now and was staring to feel a little better, but this morning I started cleaning my house and I started with the low grade fever again with the sensation of swelling everywhere...glands in my neck, my legs, behind my knees, my arms, even in my back...I don't know if it is my muscles tightening up or if it is really swollen! Has anyone experienced this? It's really scary!


M teacher - May 3

I have had swelling under my arms and in the sides of my breasts as well as pain in the groin area and swollen lymph nodes. The doctors can't seem to find the problem and have only mentioned fibromyalgia.


SallyB - May 4

Yes, I can relate. It feels swollen, but is not, correct? I still think there must be something in the system which seems to cause the body to go 'acid' and all the pain, swollen-feeling, etc. results. I also sometimes get an acid taste in my mouth when I get a flare-up. You have my sympathy!


kathleen Paterson - July 8

hi kaime
I am glad I came across your question
1 have been plagued with fybromyalgia for 3 years now .
the swelling sensation I have all over my body including my head , I can only describe it as if someone is blowing me up with a pump it is horrendous


skidoo - July 8

Hey, I posted another question about epstein barr which i was reading up on. the fever and swelling is a sign of that and it is often associated iwth fms and some people think that the EB virus could be the real culprit in chronic fatigue and FMS. Unfortunately, no cure, but if you can get tested for EB, at least you will know what is going on and what you can do to lessen symptoms. since it is a virus, antibiotics will not provide relief.



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