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I don't think I can do this...
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mary - May 2

three yrs ago I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. ok,fine. i went thru three years of intense chemotherapy, finished last nov. in the meantime i'm diagnosed with fm. I was looking forward to an easing of the pain after the chemo ended but it just keeps getting worse. I take alot of different meds, (I have an extreme tolerance to pain meds) how does one go on with this type of severe debilitating pain. i'm pretty useless as i am now. what will i do as it gets worse? i have a husband, who is a good and supportive man, and two teenage boys to take care of, but i can't take care of them anymore. can somebody please help me understand this?


Jean - April 6

It sounds like you've had your share of pain and ready for it to be over. Unfortunately this FM has no restrictions on who gets it. I do not know what to tell you to do except to stay positive and keep fighting and try to continue educating yourself and your loved ones so they will understand the pain you are in and that they will not be able to take the pain away. You really just need their support and love to keep going so you can fight this thing that no one knows about as far as treatment or how you got it or what to do about it. Just pray and keep fighting this thing as long as you have your family everything will be ok.


mary - April 6

Thank you Jean. I was so positive all thru my chemo. I knew I wasn't alone and that I'd get through it. It may sound funny, but this is quite a bit harder to deal with. I feel very alone. I'm going to talk to my Dr. about changing my antidepressant. (they automatically put you on them when you get some types of cancer). The treatments I had for A.L.L.,acute lymphoblastic leukemia, are the most difficult of all cancer treatments & my Dr. was very up front about that. This FM is just so mysterious. I don't know what to expect from on day to the next. Thanks for the kind words... Mary


dana - April 7

i just want you to know it's possible to get better. i've had various symptoms of fms at different times over the past several years, but last summer i got them all, suddenly, severely, with a vengeance. i looked normal and my bloodwork was normal. i was convinced that i had some deadly disease. how can a person feel so incredibly horrible in every way, and the doctor doesn't know why? then i got a new doc and was told i have fms.i was in severe pain all day, everyday. i have very little pain now, and the pain that i do have is mild and infrequent, compared to what i did have, it's nothing to me. i take lyrica, rozerem zoloft, and elavil. i guess my point here is that if i can recover so dramatically in 4 months, there is plenty of hope for everyone. so hang in there, if your doc is not effective, get a new one. there are more treatment options opening up.


Andi - April 7

You didn't say if you were in remission? well if you are i'm happy for you if your not, well hang in there. I have had FMS for about four years and also have it with a bunch of other things for starters Inflammatory arthritis which is nothing like leukemia but it is still very painful. I felt like giving up but I am glad I didn't because I would have regreted it. I have the support I need and I'm sure your family is willing to be there now to support you through this as well. Please don't give up your fight, you've already come so far. *hugs* this is just one more thing to make you stronger. If you ever need to chat my email is [email protected], feel free to email me at any time if you need too.


mary - April 7

thank you dana & andi, Yes I am in remission. I've been reading what some of the others hae said about Lyrica and it does sound wonderful. I'm going to the Dr. next week & I'll give it a try. Thank you all for your kind words and understanding. I feel alone sometimes, but now I know I'm not. Thanks again, Mary


Dana - April 26

Hi-I got fms after being paralyzed with guillain-barre syndrome. I was relieved to find out that my guillain-barre was gone and now had fibro. L


dANA - April 26

SORRY ABOUT THE LAST POST. Little did I know what fms entailed. I have severe pain and am not functioning at all. I have a 5 and 2 yr old and absolutely cannot do it. My husband is supportive but he is getting so frustrated by the whole thing. Living with pain nonstop day to day is definitely a challenge and i am getting so depressed. I want life back to normal and feel I cannot stand this lifestyle of nothing any more.


Kazz - April 28

Have you tried accupuncture? I tried this when my FMS was at its worse (after 6 months of trying to get a diagnosis) the first couple of sessions of accupuncture made the symptoms worse but after that I started feeling much better I ended up in remission for about 4 months but its all back now but my suggestion would definately be to give accumpuncture a try. *hugs*


Pam - May 2

Mary, Praise the Lord you are in remission. FMS is hard - but if you can get through the cancer, you can do this girl!! Try and rest as much as you can, but, keep moving so you will not be so stiff. I have had FMS for 9 yrs. and it waxes and wanes. Summer with the humiditiy here is my worse time of the year. I drag in the summer and stay inside as much as I can. Stay away from caffeine & sugar as much as you can - they do aggravate FMS. Also, I soak in Epsom salt (it has magnesium in it and FMS sufferers are magnesium deficient). Also, take a magnesium supplement and try rubbing yourself down with Aspercreme & using one of those Bed Buddy rice packs (Walmart $10) that you heat in the microwave. I have found that when I get in a hard flare-up, I must rest more and not put anything extra on myself or family at that time. Stay positive. The Lord Jesus Christ has helped carried me through the past 9 years of this FMS. It's a strange disease to understand. BUt you know what? It has taught me to be so much more compassionate with others and to really listen to other people and pray fervently for others.
I am praying for you sweet lady right now. Trust in the Lord - HE will get you through. John 3:16



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