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I don't like to take meds for pain...
24 Replies
Gmasboy - October 9

I don't take nothing but asprin for the pain...I am afraid to take anything stronger and have learned to block the pain at times...but there are days when the pain is bad...
Does anyone have ideas to help the pain without taking more meds for it...?


AmberRose - October 9

At night i taking sleeping pills thats about all i can do for now. my family doctor hasn't gotten my file from the rhumatologist i dunno if i will be getting pain meds are not


Stephanie417 - October 10

I agree.. I do not like to take anything unless i HAVE to, simply because I want to know what my body is doing, My friends mother has been on pain meds for fibro and since they never work has been perscribed more and more and is now on a morphine patch !!!!.. i think this is rediculous... Especially for an illness that is not fatal.. I know the pain gets bad, but pumping up on drugs does nothing but mask what you may be feeling.. I take ibuprofin most of the time.. Ive just been put on NSAIDS, and they have done NOTHING !! good luck !


Theodora - October 10

Stephenie, NSAID do nothing coz fibro is not due to inflammations. Stop taking them unles you want to add ulcers to your list of complains. it is pointless.


Theodora - October 10

also, we should never slam someone else who may have to take stronger pain meds, you do not live in their body so who are we to say what is ridicluous for who. some suffer great deal more than others.


TERESA - October 10

Stephanie, I take extremely strong pain meds also! I can't imagine that ibuprofen could do you any good! FMS is neuralogical NOT inflamation. Maybe if you could get on a REAL pain killer, you'd have less pain & would't worry so!


JJ1 - October 10

I know you don't want more meds, but I take Elavil. It is not for pain. It is originally an antidepressant but is prescribed to FMS patients to assist getting into a deep restful sleep at night. It has helped my pain significantly. I usually just take Tylenol for any other pain I can't tolerate (it seems to work) and I have been prescribed Mobic for pain but only take it on occasion when the pain is a little worse.


Stephanie417 - October 11

I was not "slamming" anyone.. I was simply saying that sometimes dr's get carried away with meds that do not work anyway, and thus people (my friends mom) are getting dependant on them.. I was simply saying that if they arent working, there must be some other forms of relief out there.. and what the hell.. you come in here and start insulting me, when I have done nothing but try to give an honest answer.. I was speaking on MY OWN behalf.. not saying what others should do.. Maybe I should just leave this shit to the experts.. Seems Ive gotten a few people mad at me for not listening to advise and having an opinion..


TERESA - October 11

I'm not mad at you Stephanie & i don't want yuo to go away! Just ignore the post you don't like & continue writing!!


Virg - October 11

Hi Gmasboy, It's a tough call. Doctors who first know you are diagnosed with
Fibro put you on antideprecents because they do assume the pain is real and believe it is . But they also know how depressing and hard it is for
over achievers like us and know it hurts our ego so put us straight away on antidepresidents.Then they start dealing with our pain. There are no pain meds that one could take to make yourself feel
like you used to. It really is life adjustment. I can't take asprin (which would be good for pain,swelling and heart ) I would have major stomache problems. So I take a basic tylenol 3 and it will help to get me started. When
days are really bad you just have to bed or couch potatoe it. AND GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO DO IT!


JJ1 - October 11

Virg - the antidepressant Elavil is not prescribed to Fibromyalgia patients for depression. It is prescribed because it also allows you to fall into a deep restful sleep at night. Before Elavil, I would think I was sleeping plenty of hours each night but would wake up feeling as though I hadn't rested at all. Once on Elavil, I began to feel much better - I only rarely have flare-ups of pain right now. On the bad side -- I could probably sleep through an atomic blast now, I go into such a deep sleep! My kids are afraid to wake me up once I fall asleep because I jump out of sleep and scare them to death!


Gmasboy - October 11

I have read that anitdepressants are prescibed at times to help relax the body.
I know that there are days that I did wish I had something stronger, but for the most part I am able to just take reg. asprins....
I will talk with my dr next time and she what they have to say and suggest. I am sure that taking tyenol or asprins all the time isn't good....
Thank you all for your input...I so appreciate them...


barbar - October 11

Stephanie417, part of our problem is that our pain is very, very real and because this is not a fatal disease, people fail to realize that the pain can be as severe as the pain that does come with fatal diseases, like cancer. My sister died of stomach cancer two years ago and she used to joke that we were 'sisters in pain' because we both had to wear the fentanyl patch, only mine was stronger than hers. (It is fentanyl, by the way, not morphine, although fentanyl is a syntehetic morphine.) We all have to come to grips with just how much pain we are in and it is a lot more than we think. When my doctor asked, I used to rate my pain as a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 until he told me that 10 was not being able to get out of bed. In that case, my pain is a 9. I thought a 10 was being on fire while you're trapped in an armored personnel vehicle giving birth somewhere in Iraq. We tend to look at ourselves the way outsiders do, which is to say that we have a disorder that is a collection of symptoms and does not do a whole lot of damage. Therefore, our pain is not severe because our disease is not severe. We tend to "buck up", get a stiff upper lip and just plod on. But more and more, the literature is discovering that chronic pain is far more serious than heretofore suspected. It is a disease that does will not kill us but---quite honestly---may make us want to kill ourselves. So, for all of us out here, please move forward in recognizing that this is a very serious disorder. After all, for some of us, the "morphine patch" is the only thing that works and IT only works in conjunctions with muscle relaxants and antidepressants. Indeed, the patch fails for many and that's because they receive much too low of a dosage. We need either the 75mg or the 100mg. We won't even feel the 25mg. My point (hope it's not too late): much of our gloominess, depression, and even negative attitudes are actually reflections of our pain. That's how we're dealing with it. The pain is seeping into our personalities. Also, have you noticed little habits like chewing on your tongue, biting you nails, continually stomping or moving your foot? These are all ways we have of dealing with the pain. It is indeed ironic that as much as this hurts us, you;d think that would provide enough of a presence for us to understand how serious it is. Ironically, it's the opposite: it makes us diminish the importance of the pain and endure. Don't do that. You have every right to collapse on the street and demand healthcare. We're dying without dying. It is NOT the case that pain is bad because it reflects presence of something that will hurt us. Therefore, if there is nothing that will hurt us, the pain is not bad. The pain is bad. It freaking hurts and that's enough for me.


Stephanie417 - October 12

Ive gotten people offended when all I did was stated an opinion from my own experience.. I suffer chronic pain as well.. My point is that I cannot allow myself to stop functioning because of pain..I would never discount anyone's level of pain, nor would I suggest that everyone deals with things the way that I do.. I can only say what I want for myself.. and I chose NOT to take anything because I want to know what my body is saying, if its masked with pain meds and anti depressants and relaxants, then how do I know if something is going on?.. I have a two year old, I cannot lay in bed, I can not stop my life to hurt, and no matter how hard it has gotten, I dont quit believing that I can function without medication.. When I state that this is not a fatal illness, I am being reasonable.. I hurt, yes, But I am grateful to God that I do not have a fatal illness, and I guess that makes me have a little less sympathy for myself and a little more for those who are suffering.. My husbands uncle recently died of brain cancer, and I guess I cant imagine feeling sorry for myself and comparing my pain to what he must of felt.. In his case it was hopeless, having fibromyalgia isnt a hopeless condition, Im sure he would of loved feeling better with a little muscle relaxant or a massage.. I have a deep empathy for human life, and for anyone suffering with fibromyalgia, but It is my right to chose alternatives to some drug that my doctor gets perks from if he perscribes enough of it.. I dont want to worry about things like ulcers or addiction or a stroke when I am healthy other than the pain.. i am especially sensitive to those with lupus.. It is a far greater thing to deal with than fibro.. I have friends who have it, and the havoc it plays on the body is devastating.. Im done.. I shouldnt have to defend myself on the subject any further.


Kimber2270 - October 12

I was in terrible pain until about 3 months ago and my regular doctor just gave me pain meds. I didn't like them and it was hard functioning sometimes when I was on them. I decided to go to an acupuncturist/homeopathic doctor and it's been the best thing I've ever done. I am now almost pain free and am functioning mormally again. She tested my neurotransmitters and most were very low. She said that this was part of why I was feeing so much more pain. I am on natural meds and also receive accupuncture. I haven't taken any pain meds in 3 months and feel like maybe I can beat this syndrome. My only causes of flareups seem to be stress and hormone fluctuations. My boss has lightened my work load to take some stress off and I amd taking Seasonale so my hormones aren't fluctuating as much.


AmberRose - October 12

I was talking to my friend a few minutes ago and she said shes heard of peopel getting better when they add spirulina and greens , bee bollen and ginko (oh ginko something biloba?) as well as vitamin b Not sure how long htey would tkae to start working but i think its worth a shot its all natural stuff


carm - October 12

I have been on Celebrex for a while and am considering discontinuing it because as we even talk now my shoulder is howling and I am afraid to take pain meds until bed because I am in charge of my family pretty much all the time and don't want to be on things that my hinder my kids in anyway. All I know is it is hard to explain to anyone not living in your body what it is like. I do take Lexapro at night because it helps me sleep through the night but not everynight as of late.



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