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I don't know if this is related to fibro or not ??
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klambert17 - April 5

I know everyone with fibro is different, but I have some symptoms that I would like to ask your opinion about. I was diagnosed last year with fms. I have learned to pace myself, but sometimes I overdo things. As soon as my body has had enough, I start getting dizzy, headache, eye muscles hurt, nausea and I have to go to the bathroom.(BM) I get really drained at that point.I feel like I have had a virus hit me all of a sudden. I have to go and lay down. I am wondering since fibro is nerve related, do you think it could cause an autonomic nerve response?...almost like a fight or flight response, except with I don't have anxiety, only take otc meds for pain for now, have had blood work done, no diabetes, only low b12, but currently on my 8th shot out of 12. Just wondering if anyone else gets like this. I think I may have asked this before, I can't remember. This only happens when I go beyond what I should be doing. Cleaning, laundry, shopping etc. Thanks for any help!!



January - April 6

I am kind of stumped by this. Any of these symptoms could be related to fibro - and I think a lot of us start out with the flu-like feeling… but for me it was a pretty consistent thing when I got diagnosed.

Are you saying the symptoms only act up when you really over do it, and then they ALL hit you at once? Are you saying that usually, if you pace yourself, you don't have any trouble? On what basis did you get diagnosed with fibro? In many cases OTC pain relievers just don't work on our type of pain.

It's possible you have a mild case - or are just beginning with fibro. We are all different, but I think most of us get diagnosed because we become quite disabled with insomnia, stubborn pain and severe exhaustion with normal activities. I'm not sure what you are experiencing. Hope someone else can give some more ideas.

I think some of us have been considering if we had fibro in a "milder" form long before we were diagnosed. I used to have short (2-days?) attacks of severe pain, dizziness, headache, swollen glands. I don't remember if I had the GI problems. I mostly remember the pain! It would come on mysteriously, and then leave. I used to just assume I had picked up a virus, but the "attacks" were always the same progression.

I really don't know if this is fibro or not. Anybody else?


kvc33 - April 6

It sounds more Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-like. Both my bf and I get sick all of a sudden if we overdo it and your symptoms are familiar to me. Sometimes the energy just suddenly drains out of us and all we can do is crawl into bed, too tired to even eat. The body will evacuate the bowels if it is stressed, it's a way to reduce the job of digestion and assimilation. Just pace yourself even more.


klambert17 - April 6

No, I have pain all of the time. I was diagnosed by my rheumy last year. Mostly muscle soreness all over and my trigger/tenderpoints really bother me. I get fatigue, sudden shooting stabbing pains, aches, joint aches, memory problems..the list goes on and on. I get really bad when I overdo it. No I agree, otc meds don't take all the pain or even touch some of my bad days. I just don't like strong prescription pills, I try all nondrug ways first. If it gets to the point of needing them I will tell the md. I have put up with pain for many years in my back, bad disc, so I can tolerate mild-mod pain.

I know that I do have fibro, but I don't know if those symptoms were something else going on. That's why I asked.

Kvc33, thanks I will look into that.


January - April 6

kvc made an excellent point. Maybe the GI symptoms and headache, etc. kick in when you get really stressed.

When I overdo it, I have to just sleep for hours and hours, and usually the pain level gets worse, but I don't get the other symptoms you describe, at least they don't all hit me suddenly. Thankfully!

From what you say in your second post, sounds like you surely do have all the typical fibro symptoms. I agree with you, stay off the heavy meds for as long as you can. I actually managed fairly well on Advil for a number of years - I don't know why, but it helped whatever was causing the worst pain. Going gluten free cleared up the muscle aches.

Can you tell a difference with the B-12 shots?


lucky13 - April 6

IBS can go along with FMS, I was diagnosised with IBS as a teenager, and when I emotionally get stressed I have to run to the bathroom (BM), so I don't see why physical stress would be any different. Headaches too are often there in FMS paitents also, and again stress to the body can cause headaches.
It verywell be due to FMS, def. bring it up to your DR the next time you go in.
I also try to manage my pain with OTC meds. Tylenol tends to work on Fibro pain better then advil or aleve, antinflammatories don't really work on us. But it doesn't make the pain go away, just makes it a little easier for me to handle.

As far as getting drained, that to could be part of the FMS. The way I explain FMS to non-fibros is for them to imagine the worse flu they've ever had, and Fibro is worse then that and doesn't go away. Fatigue is a big part of Fibro.

Fibro is so tricky, all your symptoms could easily be FMS, however they could be other things to, because even though we get stuck with FMS, we could also get stuck with something else.

Good luck and try not to over do it to much before your next appt.


klambert17 - April 6

January- My doctor wanted me to get his protocol on b12 injections because my b12 was out of range, I didn't even make it to the low range. So I get 12 shots, 2x a week for loading dose, then once a month. I guess we will recheck it in a few weeks. He said once I get loaded up maybe we can switch to pill form to see if that works.

Lucky13-Thanks for the info. I think when I do reach that point of overdoing it my body must respond this way. It happened monday, tuesday I took it easy all day, felt bad, still had headache and muscle fatigue. Today I am feeling a little better. I actually took a shower and went out to lunch. Still can tell I had a major flareup though. I guess it takes the body some time before it gets back to normal after a bad flare. I know when I have that flare that it's bad. I have pushed myself to much. It's weird how your body just works together and all the systems get mixed up. I have a appt with my reg. md, and rheumy this month.
Thanks alot for everyone's suggestions and help!!




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